Beginner’s knitting – slipper pattern identification

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From the sublime – building a new home – to the ridiculous – a pair of worn out slippers. Have you ever seen anything like this? If so do you know where I might find the pattern?

hand knitted bluish grey slippers
Knitted slippers

I know these slippers are very scruffy and rather embarrassing. The knitting is rustic and they are coming apart at the seams. They have attracted bits of cotton thread from the dressmakers’ floor. The colour combination is not very thrilling and I am pretty sure they are made from a low-cost, synthetic yarn.

The reason they are battered is because I have worn them quite a lot. Oh gosh they are so crushed on the soles.

Hand knitted blue slippers
Underside of slippers

The reason I am asking for the pattern is because I would like to replace them. Possibly in a nicer colour, and maybe in a quality yarn. But of course I don’t actually know very much about knitting at all. I can do a few stitches, and I have made scarves, blankets and very simple baby clothes. I am a beginner knitter.

I would like to get into knitting in a small way. Maybe learn from doing a project like this how to shape knitted fabric, how to join pieces, how to get the sizing (tension) right.

I found slipper patterns on the internet, many (such as the hospital slipper) dating from the Second World War. But none as nice as the ones I have.

I know how many of you love to knit. Do you know of this pattern, or a very similar one?  It struck me that knitted nicely, from small amounts of left over wool, these slippers might make an acceptable gift. I know they were a gift I appreciated greatly.

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  1. Lesley

    If you put a pair of Uggs on your feet you’ll never look back Kate! Even my Mum succumbed – though we don’t ever wear them outside the house- we have standards!!

  2. Lyn

    Check out this s search. A few similar pairs came up ‘slipper boots knitting pattern’. As a reasonable knitter I’m happy to lend a hand. I’ve never made adult slippers, but I have made baby slippers and they are very easy.

  3. Chris

    There are some possible options here –

    I pulled up some options on Ravelry advanced search, but I think you may need to be a member to view it properly. It’s free to use and made my knitting searches so much easier. Best of luck ?

  4. Stephanie

    I see others have beaten me to it. I haven’t made any of these, but looking at them in the photos the design is simple but effective. My grandmother used to make similar ones, in fact. They are cosy, comfortable and practical.

    I have been wanting to encourage you to pick up knitting again! It’s really quite easy once you get the hang of tension and so much fun when you are wanting something that you can pick up from time to time when you are not at the machine. Knitting is great because you can rip things back until you get what you want.

    • fabrickated

      I have run off one of these patterns and may attempt it soon. Don’t know what Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) means but I guess I will find out sooner or later. The pattern seems to require two threads of yarn to create the effect? And ripping back is all very well, but surely depressing?

  5. Raewyn

    Couldn’t believe anyone else actually wore this style of slipper. Mum has been knitting these for many, many years. This is the pattern she uses. Hope it is of use to you.


    4 Skeins double knit wool
    1 pair No. 4 Needles (UK Size)

    Using the wool double, cast on 29 stitches.
    1ST ROW K.9 PI K9 P1
    2ND ROW KNIT. Repeat these 2 rows 22 times.

    Pull stitches at toe together (as for fingers of gloves), then stitch ribbed edges together. Stitch up heel, drawing up middle section tightly.

    Will stretch to fit a 9inch to 11inch foot.

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