My personal sewing plan

Previously I wrote about my sewing plans for the rest of the year. I considered Wendy Mak’s 30 piece wardrobe plan. Before I set out my own thinking I also had a look at what Dr Elizabeth (ejvc on Artisan’s Square) has devised – the seasonal 6PAC.

Dr Elizabeth of the 6PAC

This is a helpful and interesting concept, I think. It keeps the sewing manageable but also makes wardrobe additions which work with what you already have. Here is Elizabeth’s own sewing plan for her Swedish summer wardrobe:

– a lightweight, shoulder-covering jacket (grey)
– a pair of lightweight trousers (grey)
– a casual skirt (grey or white)
– a long-sleeved lightweight shirt (white or grey)
– a couple of T-shirts (brights or prints)

So now I have a plan. I am thinking six items too but not so much a capsule wardrobe. I want things that I “need” to support and work with what I have already got.  I am also inspired by Elizabeth’s simple cool colour scheme – when I have been Kondoing my wardrobe I felt it lacked lightness. What will I make?

  • A summer jacket in light grey
  • A summer maxi dress
  • Something in yellow
  • Something in white
  • A bias experiment – possibly a blouse/skirt dress
  • Painted silk blouse (s)

When I suggested a plan Bunny from LaSewista commented:

“I need the freedom to take creative flights of fancy when they hit. That makes me happy and fulfilled. Just today I went to the thrift shop and the ideas started effervescing and next thing I knew three garments came home with me ready for my flights of creative fancy. It’s how I roll. My sewing universe is a very fluid one.”

I loved this comment and it encapsulates how I feel too. This is why my plan is deliberately non-specific. No patterns or fabrics are specified. I have a few colours and, fabric types and techniques on the list, but it is a plan that I hope I will use to push me to be more creative.

In addition I need to finish a few projects

  • Finish the knives print and make something with it
  • Make something with the dripping damask
  • Finish the turquoise SWAP blouse
    turquoise silk Burda blouse 105
    Burda blouse 105
  • Make a summer coat for Esme to replace her yellow coat
    Yellow coat from Zara
    Shabby Zara Coat
  • Line jacket for Gus (started August last year)
    Navy blue Burda jacket with thread markings
    Almost completed jacket for Gus
  • Help Charlotte finish her textile project
  • Alter the jump suit pattern or toile a more modern cut

And finally there are a few things that are not clothes that I would like to make

As I am generally more into slow sewing than instant hits I plan to complete my 6PAC between now and Christmas. In between projects I will try to do something from the other lists.  One new garment for me a month, roughly speaking, is quite enough. This plan should take me to the start of the next SWAP!

  1. Susan

    Good plan……..unfortunately I forget to write my ‘plans’ down especially as I am thinking of them at night when I should be sleeping 🙂 I’ll work on this………..

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