Kondo 0.4 – Doing the bathroom

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If you are a strict Kondoite you will realise this is not correct. Having sorted my clothes, I should be doing books next. I don’t have many and those I have are part of my sewing hobby so will be tackled when I move on to this distinct category. Bathroom stuff comes into the miscellaneous category which comes later. But right now this is the area I want to sort out next as I have my own bathroom (of course invariably there is a baby in the bath, or fixing my toilet for me, or doing “colour change cars”, or I am at the basin, washing chocolate off their faces). But this is an area which is mine rather than Nick’s so, in theory, how it is arranged is down to me.

I am going in now.

(Two hours later)

Well that was not a big deal.

I did throw away

  • around 12 lipsticks, all in colours I don’t like or wear
  • lots of little samples I was going to take on holiday but never did (now surely out of date)
  • about 15 hotel shower caps – I kept one but resolved to make a glamorous one
  • expensive electric toothbrush refills for a brand I no longer have
  • more make up bags (most of them from plane trips) than I will ever need
  • massage oils – they don’t last and I think my husband has forgotten how to use them

The basin area has two electrical items, permanently charging – a water pik and an electric toothbrush.

I used to have all sorts of make up, moisterisers, dental tape, perfume and shower caps and miscellaneous stuff on the shelf. After discarding what I am not using I have transferred that the bottom bathroom cupboard. However there is some fake tan there that I haven’t used since last summer. I kept it thinking I  might use it. If I don’t I will throw it out. Otherwise every thing here is what I use daily but now it is in a cupboard making the shelf and sink easier to clean. Above it is my collection of spectacles including sun glasses, and the pink bag has make up that I don’t use everyday but use sometimes. The top cupboard has spare soap, shampoo, toilet rolls and toothpaste. I think we bought too much soap, but otherwise this is reasonable. There is some mosquito lotion too. We don’t get too many mozis in the UK but I decant from this for our holidays in places where the little blighters bite me.

I really like the bathroom now. It feels more ordered and hygienic.

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  1. mrsmole

    Ahhhhh…it makes you feel so much better! What a joy to have your own bathroom…you are a lucky girl! Our local sewing guild uses all those hotel sized bottles and soaps to fill bags for the homeless and runaway teens. Maybe there is a local charity that does the same in your area or better yet, when the panhandlers ask you for spare change, hand them a bottle of soap or shampoo.

  2. kate

    I confess to being the person that thinks everything is too good to use..or they’ll be a better time. Slap on the wrist..far better to sort out the reality! Love the comment above too… xxx

  3. Jenny

    Looks lovely but where do you keep your medicinal supplies, such as eyewash, antacids, creams and lotions for the skin, cleaning materials for the bathroom, spare loo rolls, nail varnish etc? Perhaps you keep them in your husband’s bathroom. ?

    • fabrickated

      Hmm. I had to think about this.

      There is a small first aid box in the hall. The cleaning equipment is all kept in the “wash house” – a small vault with the washing machine and a silk. And there are two loo rolls and one (toe) nail varnish in my bathroom.

      I admit that delegating some jobs to my husband helps keep my space clear. He is more or less responsible for cooking and cleaning, but I have started to take back the care of some of my clothes since Kondoing!

  4. Arlene

    Funny that all your extras are the same as mine! We both travel a lot so the travel sized things pile up. I confess that I save a lot of these items because we have a large basement, as you know, and I have a chest of drawers and 2 of those drawers are filled with various travel sized items. They are very tidy and sorted by type in containers. I am constantly sorting but can’t bring myself to get rid of it all. Have gotten better about using sample sizes before they expire. I have always been neat and organized so I was surprised I could learn something from Marie Kondo. I adopted her folding model a while ago. Doing so gave me twice as much space–so a chest of 6 drawers fit into three of the drawers. This allowed me to store other things in the drawers, things I could not access as easily. I always say that I cannot feel calm when all of my things are untidy. But I have my weaknesses such as dishes, especially orange bowls, serving bowls, etc. but they are all neatly arranged and they bring me joy. Yes pretty dishes make me happy so I believe that is ok with Ms. Kondo! I want to sell my house in the near future and get back to smaller living. I only want to have what I really need. I have to start giving things away. Sometimes I wish I could just start over. I have nothing and I am given a budget of some amount to buy just what I need. I have too many pens and note cards–another weakness. But again, they make me happy and I keep them tidy. I think I am ok with this! I will have to take some photos of my organized drawers and cupboards to show you!

    • fabrickated

      Thank you leaving such a thoughtful and lovely comment Arlene. I know your house is very tidy as well as beautiful and that everything is carefully thought through (it is easier when your home is child free). I agree you are living the Kondo life if your many things do bring joy to you. I feel the same about having too much fabric and too many patterns at the moment. But there is also a message that there is too much – a suffocating impact of every space being filled. I am enjoying empty drawers and cupboards at the moment. Only time will tell if I am tempted to fill them or not.

  5. Arlene

    I agree Kate. It feels oppressive to have too much and a relief when things that we don’t really need, wear, etc are let go. It’s as though we feel lighter and can breathe easier. Your fabrics and patterns are utilitarian as well as beautiful so that is your one allowance to go overboard! And I bet you keep them tidy anyway!

  6. Jaclyn

    I spy, with my little eye, a Neal’s Yard tube on the second to last shelf, so that makes me happy (for your skin)!.

    • fabrickated

      Wow – you are observant Jaclyn. It was a free gift with a magazine I am afraid. Rose hand cream. Rather nice. Maybe you can see the lavender oil next to it too?

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