Behind the scenes with the SWAP photographer

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Recently I posted 12 very nice photographs of my SWAP collection (thank you for your kind remarks).

I mentioned that my son Gus took the pictures.

The photographer (in silk pyjamas)
The photographer (in ironic silk pyjamas)

Here is what actually happened.

Gus arranged to come round at 11am. At about 11.20am he arrived with his girlfriend to “help with the styling” (she is French), and a carrier bag from Tesco.  He mentioned that, as they had not had time for breakfast, she would be cooking bacon and eggs for everyone. We moved the dining room table, and as we don’t have a tripod he used Ted’s Plasticine to anchor the camera on top of a pile of books (my Alexander McQueen catalogue).

My daughter arrived soon after, with her baby, to give me more advice and to “choose the music”. Obviously the four of them really helped me to get into just the right frame of mind to model my collection.

I love my family so much. The combination of the four of them larking around, learning to walk, cooking scrambled egg, dribbling, selecting some good music (including Wheels on the Bus), pretending to be a professional photographer (“Sizzle like a sausage!“, “Air hostess – do the emergency exits!”Dance like no one is watching!” etc), crying (that was Kit, not me) pulling off stray threads, making tea – all this just meant I was laughing most of the morning.

Emergency exits
Emergency exits

So here are some of the outtakes.


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  1. helen

    Great photos and the post really gives you the feel of the atmosphere at the shoot!
    Love the big blank wall you have for your backdrop.

  2. Jenny

    Great fun was had I can see. Love the dinosaur, although before I saw the caption I thought it was more gorilla-like.

  3. Liz Cooney

    Excellent! Loved to see your collection (I appreciate the work involved!)….the “outakes” are the best!
    Good looking family, too!
    I went on a pilgrimage yesterday to my fav fabric store in a neighbouring city (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) and bought some gorgeous tropical Roberto Cavalli silk. I will be making Burda 6914, view A or B. Very excited! My first attempt working with silk. ~

    • fabrickated

      Wow, that sounds wonderful Liz. I just looked at the Burda pattern and I think that will be lovely in a classy silk.

      • Liz Cooney

        I bought another inexpensive fabric and plan to make the top first that came with the pattern. If I like how that ends up fitting me, then I will move on to the expensive silk. – I just don’t want to ruin it, it’s so beautiful….

  4. Stephanie

    This is so funny and sweet. What a lovely family, and just the kind of morning that makes life great. PS You make a great dinosaur! Gianni was disappointed that he wasn’t around to take my photos. He and Claus have a developed a nice relationship, but there is still some skepticism based entirely on cultural identity (an Italian-German rivalry). Gianni declared that Claus had “used up all of his teutonic creativity/fantasia” in taking the photos. 🙂

  5. Maggie

    Wow, what fun! My photo shoot was decidedly *not* fun, but it got done and I am glad for that at least. I think it would be fun if we had all posted outtakes for our SWAP photos, but I know the point is to see the clothes. It is just so interesting to see life going on all around you in this post!

  6. Eleanor

    This was wonderful. You have made some fabulous clothes. I would love to try the dye technique that you used to make the green checked shell.

  7. rosemary

    It is so much better when the photographer is having fun and not feeling that he has to take another photo instead of reading his book.

  8. Kbenco

    It looks like great fun. Your SWAP is beautiful, and it has been very enjoyable and instructive to read about your planning and sewing.

  9. Jaclyn

    Always enjoy reading your posts but I loved this one and your bathroom clear out one in this week’s digest. I could hear the music and feel the fun almost as though I was in the room with you 😉

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