Sewing with a Plan 2015 0.24 – the silk dress.

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“The silk dress”

This sounds like an over-acted radio murder play. The twist of course is that there is not one, but two silk dresses.

The pattern was identical in every way – Vogue 1650 Nina Ricci’s elegant three piece suit and coat.

The whole point of the SWAP is to create items that work as something else – and the Ricci pattern lends itself to dynamic changes. The pattern is very clear; it includes

  • coat
  • jacket
  • skirt
  • overblouse

It does not include a dress pattern. But having made up the skirt (on a camisole), twice, I decided to make the skirt-on-a-vest (still searching for a better name) into a dress.  In order to make the skirt-on-a-vest into a dress I made some minor pattern alterations. I changed the dart positions and I dropped the waist line a little in order to make it work better as a dress.

Regular readers will realise I am torn between a light and airy summer day dress, and a more mysterious very slightly edgy dark evening dress. On the one hand colourful painted flowers; on the other precious dinosaur lace. I will show you both (though neither are quite finished), in the hope that you will help me chose which will (tacky talent show music)…

“Go through to the finals?!”

Remember Ladies and Gentlemen, your vote counts.

So here is a preview.

These items are not complete. They are not hemmed, lined or properly pressed. I can see some tacking threads too. I have not styled them with nice belts, shoes and jewellry. I am not showing them to you alongside my already-completed SWAP items. I am relying of Camilla to give them a bit of shape rather than putting them on my in-house model (ie me).

But I am asking you to help me choose.

Is it the joyful turquoise and pink, light, bright, sleeveless summer day dress? Or will it be the wintery cocktail dress – almost a LBD – drapey dark navy, lace sleeves with  scary reptiles on it (well the dinosaurs were a bit cute, but they are not peonies). Remember they are both 100 per cent silk dresses, and they are made from the same pattern – they are (in their souls) twins! And like twin babies I love them both equally. 

Picking just one of these babies for the SWAP will be very damaging for the one which isn’t chosen, which is why I am chickening out. In all honesty the eventual choice will be made when I am putting my photoshoot together and it will depend on what each silk dress looks like alongside the rest of the garments. I can tell you now that the navy jacket looks nice with the navy dress, whereas the fuchsia jacket is too heavy for the floral dress. On the other hand the white overblouse could set it off nicely. The dress is a “wildcard” with the requirement that it somehow works with the rest of the wardrobe.

So like Janus I am facing both ways at once right now. Can you vote by comment on the one you think should make the final cut?

Janus (at the Vatican)

Thank you!


15 Responses

  1. Anne

    My maternal reflex was to say the one that gets away from having to rub along with 10 other garments will be a happy individual star (I vote peonies)

  2. Christine Burns

    what a lesson in how fabric can change a pattern. I think from a Workhorse perspective the navy but my heart is with the summer flowers.
    Although I love the elegance of the navy paired with the dinosaurs. Such fun.

  3. Ruth

    Summer flowers is my personal preference. How about losing one of your other pieces and then you could include both! Not helpful, I know, but at least you’ll have both dresses in your wardrobe.

    • fabrickated

      That is actually really helpful Ruth! I have a RTW T shirt in the pack which is useful but hardly beautiful. I will hopefully finish them both this weekend and then see how it goes. But thank you for voting for the flowers!

  4. Joyce Latham

    Both are lovely, but I’m picking the flowers too. My reasoning is:
    It is spring, and we are all in the mood for some bloom.
    You painted the flowers, (so cool!)
    The navy is a strong individual and can survive the rejection, no worries.
    Joyce ??

  5. Stephanie

    I love both of them, so like you I got to the end of the post and thought that the photos would decide. I want to steal the floral one from you! 🙂

  6. AnnIe

    They’re both lovely, if I had to choose I’d pick the navy, one, because I generally prefer a solid colour to floral, and two, I think it would look fab with the fuchsia jacket. However, I like Ruth’s lateral thinking, that’s what I call a win-win.

  7. Debbie

    This is a dificult decision, as both dresses are lovely and have a place in your wardrobe. That said, I must vote for the navy….it took my breath away!

  8. fk

    Your floral painting turned out really beautifully. When you started I thought I wouldn’t like the blue background you painted,because I really liked the peonies on the white background. But it’s gorgeous. I think this dress will probably look best on you because of your fair colouring. But, I have to say I prefer the navy dress because of its austerity, not to mention severity. Severity can be so terribly elegant, don’t you think? Cover the chest with some heavy silver or stainless steel chains and this will be smashing.

  9. Alli

    I bet the navy dress looks fabulous on, but the flower dress is so happy! And when I saw it (the peonies), I immediately thought that you’ll look adorable in it. 🙂

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