The story of my Dinosaur lace

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Here is the woman who designed my Dino-lace. Sophie Hulme is a young British designer. Can you spot what she is wearing?

Dinosaur lace cream and beige blouse
Sophie Hulme in nice blouse

She has on a nice cream chiffon blouse. With dinosaurs. OK they are beige, but they are marching across her sides and shoulders.  Isn’t that lovely? And here is the navy dinosaur lace used in a number of creative ways at London Fashion week: shorts, blouse and jacket. Did you spot the dinosaur brooch and necklace charm on the first girl?

Sophie Hulme dinosaurs
2012 S/S collection

Here is a close up of the parka jacket, and the blouse, this time in navy, on the model on the right.


These days Sophie (who only graduated in 2007) is more or less a handbag designer, and a very successful one too. In the top picture you can see the models are all holding large, distinctive handbags.

There was a ready to wear version too. Here is her skirt and top in the lace. It’s a pretty set, retailing at around £700, but I would prefer to see more of the dinosaurs. It appears that with this version the lace and backing were sewn as one.


I got the lace from Simply Fabrics, and I wish I had bought enough for a skirt. However I may be able to do an embellished shirt, a bit like Sophie’s.

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  1. Catherine

    What a great post – and so nice to see someone so young and talented achieving so much. I’d love to learn the backstory – did Sophie contact you after your initial post about the dinosaur lace, or was there another connection? Anyway, I love the dinosaur lace and the different ways of using it that you’ve highlighted.

    • fabrickated

      Hi Catherine, I bought the lace in Simply Fabrics in Brixton, a nice shop that has a few remnants from London designers. I was told by Leo who works there that this was a Sophie Hulme fabric so I looked her up on the internet and by searching for a little while I came across the pictures which I shared on Fabrickated!

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