Sewing with a Plan 2015 0.21

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Making another Pencil skirt – for the Roland Mouret Squiggle suit

To match my Roland Mouret Kimono jacket I wanted to make a plain skirt that would co-ordinate with it, but might also work with my Fuchsia and navy jackets.

I like a pencil skirt although with my shaped figure (small waist, larger hips) it is difficult to buy one off-the-peg. So here is my grown-on waist pencil skirt in the longer length, with the adaptation for a small waist (13 inch difference). My dress stand’s hips are smaller than mind so you can see the skirt drooping at the sides. It doesn’t do this on me!

Fabrickated Curvy Pencil
Curvy Pencil skirt (front view)

I have made this pattern into a PDF downloadable pattern as I use it rather a lot and thought this would be convenient. It was a fun experiment to down load and sellotape my own pattern, but I am pleased to say it worked really well. I made this skirt with a pleat at the hem rather than a split as this is more of a tailored, lined skirt. You can see the hem pleat on this side view picture.

Curvy Pencil by Fabrickated
Curvy Pencil (side view)

You can also see that the pattern matching is OK – obviously the skirt is quite curved so it is not a perfect match, but it blends together quite well.

And here is the skirt with the jacket. It is a nice, light weight spring suit. It is not a faithful copy of the original, but it echoes it in a small way.  My short-sleeved jacket is designed to be worn over a jumper or blouse. But it occurred to me that, as it is fairly close-fitting, I could wear it next to the skin and with the skirt it would look more like a dress. Also, thinking of the theme of the SWAP – to have garments that can be something else – I thought sleeveless it might work as a waistcoat under a jacket. So I have been thinking of taking the sleeves off, to give it a more streamlined look – at the moment Camilla has got it on and I am thinking of making the alteration – I do like bare arms. What do you think?

Here we have a nice combination.

Skirt with Nina Ricci jacket
Skirt with Nina Ricci jacket


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  1. Jenny

    I love the Nina Ricci combination – that jacket is gorgeous. As for the wrap jacket, that is stunning and I love the sleeves, but then I am not a sleeveless lover, except in hot weather. I don’t like to be cold so the more clothes the better, for me. It does look good though, on the model.

  2. lynbromley

    Wow! Great that it is so flexible. I love it as a dress, so unique and very glam! How long did the skirt take to make? Did it fit into 8 hours in total along with the jacket?

  3. Stephanie

    As always, impeccable and lovely. You could always make another sleeveless garment to go on top, so as to not mess with the sleeves, although of course it wouldn’t look like a dress in that case. I’m really not sure – would the armholes be too deep on their own without the sleeves, and the collar shape and size less in proportion than with the sleeves? I have trouble imagining it. Such an impressive outfit as it is!

  4. Joyce

    Wonderfully done, as always. I wish I could wear sleeveless, but don’t you find the sleeves help to balance out larger hips? I’m sure you could rock both looks!

  5. fk

    I’m a big fan of sleeveless jackets/vests/call them what you will, so I like the sleeveless version. I also like your “grown on” waist. I have no hips, so practically any trousers I wear fall down 🙁 I’m looking, myself, for patterns that will allow a higher waist and not bind. This looks like a good option for me. Thanks 🙂

  6. annieloveslinen

    This is a lovely outfit, I adore the collar and it that colour it will be very flattering.

    I like it as it is now but it could look just as good sans sleeves. It depends on your preference and style versatility. You could tuck the sleeves in while it’s on your dress form to get a better idea, but you’re such a whirlwind I bet you’re done and dusted now!

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