Roland Mouret fabric and a GBSB speed challenge

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Having spent forever on the Nina Ricci suit I crave a quick project.  Instead of making a coat with my Roland Mouret fabric I will make a lined suit. Obviously a coat and a jacket are equally time consuming, but a skirt is a fairly quick item. I am planning this Kimono style jacket, with the curvy pencil skirt (but the longer version rather than this length), in the RM fabric.

My self set challenge this week is to make a suit to my own design, as fast as I can.

The suit comprises a Kimono style jacket that I designed in the middle of the SWAP planning process, having become very frustrated with a 1950s style fitted jacket I was toileing. My Kimono jacket has the following features for a quick-sew experience.

  • no button holes or buttons – it wraps around and is fastened with a tie belt
  • no sleeves! The jacket has short Kimono sleeves – effectively an extension of the shoulder
  • two main pieces – front and back, plus a gusset
  • two darts to provide some bust shaping
  • a two piece collar and fusible interfacing.

The most challenging aspect is that my fabric has an uneven pattern woven into it. I cannot fully match it everywhere but I want the horizontal lines to line up – this means I will cut it out in single pieces, doubling the cutting out time. On the other hand it is such a simple design it doesn’t need tailors’ tacks. Also as I have made it before I know the fit is fine.  I will match the jacket with a tried and tested pattern I drafted for a pencil skirt with the following features

  • grown on waist with a facing
  • three main pieces
  • zip at CB

I will line both jacket and skirt.

So for a bit of “Great British Sewing Bee” excitement I am going to time making this suit up.


How long do you think I will need?


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  1. Stephanie

    Oh goodness, as soon as I set a timer I would have an anxiety attack and it would take twice as long. 🙂 You’re a quick one though, as the others have noted. Love the fabric/suit idea pairing.

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