T-shirt design and print at Topshop (Oxford Circus)

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Topshop T shirt printing programme
T shirt printing programme

Want to buy a Fabrickated.com T shirt? Well you can! I didn’t, on this occasion, but I was so impressed by the capability of this YR STORE printing programme that I will go back and do it. To have a T shirt printed on one side with the design, colour, scale and graphics of your choice, costs £28. To have it printed on both sides is £35. You can do leggings, crop tops, sweatshirts, men’s T shirts, flip flops, socks, phone cases etc.

The programme is amazingly flexible. You can use your own photographs on a coloured or patterned background. You can change the colour of any of the elements. You can swivel the text, use a wide range of fonts, supersize or shrink it. You can randomise and jumble up the images or arrange them in a pattern. I admit I found it hard to leave the shop.

The quality is very acceptable – although the synthetics work better than the cottons.

There is an iPhone app YRSTO.RE/APP – I haven’t tried it. But in the shop you can design your item, pay your money and receive the item about ten minutes later.

I think this sort of thing will become much more popular over time as we specify our own design, colours and fabrics when we order on line.

My friend Tim Morton (@TimMorton2) brought a Guardian article to my attention, in which the journalist describes how she designed her own jumper with Knyttan.com.

As technology opens up the opportunity for the mass production of individual items I, for one, am besides myself with excitement.

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  1. Stephanie

    Fun, K.! I have a friend who has made her own jewellery with a 3D printer. All that said, I still prefer the organic perfection of a hand-knitted sweater to a machine-knitted one, though I think the idea behind Knyttan is quite interesting. 🙂 Lots of food for thought in terms of the printing.

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