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I don’t know what you do when you are sewing, but my mind wanders. It really does. I obviously think a lot about the garment I am making and how to get it to work with other garments that I already have or maybe now need. Or I just start imagining what I would like to make and wear.When I am sewing I sit in the quiet. I don’t even have music on, and my mind drifts off. I think this is how inspiration works.

All the influences and ideas that I have absorbed over the week – looking at magazines, surfing the internet, going to exhibitions, seeing what people are wearing in the street, looking at fabrics, making fabrics, buying patterns, sketching absent-mindedly – all of these things are filtered and I come up with an idea I have to execute.  Or something just occurs to me in a random way, often due to the fabric suggesting a direction to go in.

And sometime an idea becomes an irresistable longing and aim. Then I have to do it. As a result, dear readers, my Sewing with a Plan has changed quite a lot recently.

I really didn’t mean to but I have gone off in a different direction. Here is my original list for Sewing with a Plan. The completed garments are struck through, with the explanation of my changes included.

  • Garment 1 Squiggle jacket (top 1) – became Pink jacket, using the fabric that was planned for the coat, garment 11
  • Garment 2 Squiggle trousers (bottom 1) – became Pink skirt, ditto
  • Garment 3 – Grey Linen shell top (top 2) – as planned, with printing and metallic foils
  • Garment 4  – Charcoal jacket (top 3) –  I drafted a kimono jacket but now I plan to make the Nina Ricci VPO 1650 jacket in Charcoal.
  • Garment 5 – Charcoal skirt (bottom 2) – this was to be trousers, and is now a skirt with camisole attached from VPO 1650 (today’s garment of the week, featured below)
  • Garment 6  – White beetles Blouse (top 4) – became turquoise blouse when I realised it needed stretch silk [still needs buttons]
  • Garment 7   – Turquoise Casual trousers (wildcard 1) – I think this may become the emerald overblouse from VPO 1650 instead
  • Garment 8 – Colourful shell top (top 5) – as planned, from recycled skirt
  • Garment 9 – Pink Skirt or Shorts (bottom 3) – I now have a pink skirt (garment 2) but the shorts are still hanging in there. On the other hand I want to include an emerald skirt with dinosaur lace
  • Garment 10 – Grey embroidered jersey (wildcard 2 – purchased item) – having got rid of white garment 6 I want to reintroduce it here.  This maybe the beetle cloth or a white overblouse
  • Garment 11 – Pink Boyfriend coat (wildcard 3) – now planned to use the Squiggle fabric, but may, instead of the Burda pattern, be an adaptation of  my self drafted Kimono jacket that I had planned for garment 4. But a pair of turquoise trousers or pink shorts might be more useful garments than a coat. I have ended up with too many tops, not enough bottoms. Maybe one of the tops that I have already made may have to go.

In terms of my plan I seem to be very fickle. This year’s SWAP may still change and evolve. It is not over until the fat lady sings.

I did the SWAP last year. My plans were just as fluid, and the final line up was only decided a day or two before the photography session. Blogless then, all my thought processes were private. It appeared that I pulled it all together and popped out 11 garments, Hey Presto. But my life never quite goes according to plan – but that doesn’t bother me. The other way is usually just as good, possibly better.

Are you an obsessive planner? Or do you plan, then go off piste? Perhaps you are more spontaneous – seeing where the mood takes you?

Vogue 1650 Nina Ricci Skirt with painted silk camisole
Vogue 1650 Nina Ricci Skirt with painted silk camisole






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  1. Galina

    I think it’s fluidity of your SWAP plan that makes this blog interesting and keeps us on our toes, Kate. The reader needs an element of surprise:)
    I also prefer sewing in silence. Having to constantly listen to the same music channel in my last job absolutely traumatised me.

  2. Sewniptuck

    This is exactly what I would consider my problem Kate. I NEED a particular garment, without which a good number of items in my wardrobe aren’t working, but then I get distracted by an interesting idea, a cute pattern, a dress from a scene in House of Cards. A dress that won’t fit my lifestyle at all since I’m not in the corporate world. But that dress will suit me and I’d like to draft it… Sooo distractable! Ooh, love that Nina Ricci. It will look quite convincing sans jacket with a belt I reckon.

  3. Stephanie

    Ahem…I am definitely not linear. I keep on changing my plans, too, which is the fun I find. Like you, I find inspiration everywhere and I love going through those things in my mind. In fact I keep a matter-of-fact journal that I complete each night before bed, that summarizes the influences. Your evolved plan is interesting, because there is so much of the `fun` factor built into it. But let`s talk about that skirt with overblouse. Honestly, I want it, K! Beautiful! I think the final effect of the printing is perfect.

  4. Cheryl

    The process you are going through sounds really normal to me, teaching art at HS was always like this. The ‘object’ or clothes in our case has a mind of its own, and sometimes it just does not want to co-ordinate or play. Same as an artwork you need to step back and make changes that suit the artwork, there always becomes a time when the object (SWAP) takes over.
    I doubt if it has much with being distracted by more that you are evaluating/analysing then making changes/adapting.

    • fabrickated

      Thank you Cheryl for such a thoughtful and interesting response. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by ideas/images/colours/connections in the world – to some extent sewing the “object” is a good counterbalance and antidote.

  5. sewruth

    Perfectly normal to change and adapt..especially when we start the plan in the middle of winter and start wearing the clothes in spring – fabrics, colours, shapes all alter when the days grow longer and brighter. The greys which were rich in winter look bleak in springtime. I also see something in a movie or on TV and it sends me off in a totally different direction. Kate, SWAP is for YOU not us, so just make it as you want . Just goes to show how difficult it must be for designers to come up with a whole collection 12 months in advance.

  6. symondezyn

    It seems we are two peas in a pod! LOL. I start my seasonal plans almost a year in advance, and of course as time goes by those plans change, sometimes drastically, depending on fabrics, colours and styles that I’m inspired by. It’s awesome to have a plan, but even better to let that plan be flexible – you have to love what you’re making and wearing at the end of the day, right? ^__^

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