Sewing with a Plan 2015 0.16

Now I have a nice Fuchsia jacket, using Simplicity 7305,  I needed to use the remaining fabric for a skirt to match. Although there is one in the pattern it is just a A line skirt block pattern and not quite interesting enough. And it doesn’t have pockets. So I chose a TNT pattern – Vogue 7379 – which I used for my SWAP last year. I was already cutting it out when I remembered when I had last made it. Almost 12 months ago!

I really like this skirt. It is so easy to wear, and the blue, grey, white and dark blue tweed fabric goes with lots of things. I probably wear this skirt at least twice a month. So a second one will be a good addition to the wardrobe. Essentially it is a six gored A line skirt with two narrow side sections. It is designed to sit just above the knee.

Vogue 7379 skirt with white blouse

I made it up calmly and correctly. The skirt is gored, darted and gathered slightly into the waist. I used curved petersham for the waist band, and was very careful to artfully arrange the gathering evenly along the length. This was the only part of the construction that needed a little care. I decided to use an invisible zip due to the fact that the zip is to the side at the right back. This gave me a little trouble due to the foot (which did not come  with the machine). I created a 3″ hem as specified. I made a colourful lining for it, using the “tartan” approach, using the same colours as I did with the jacket lining. It is quite jaunty, although it will not show.

lining a wool skirt
Putting in the lining

I started with 3m of this fabric and by careful cutting and certain stingyness (using left over orange wool for the pocket linings, for  example) I have enough left for a further garment. I would like to have a pair of shorts to wear with the jacket, and I might even make them for my SWAP. Just now I am feeling in love with skirts again and not so keen on a trouser suit (which is my next SWAP outfit).

Fuchsia hand made tailored suit
Suit, on Camilla, back view

So that is my Fuchsia skirt suit finished. I wore it for an important presentation on Tuesday. You may be wondering why all the guys are wearing the same tie. Well that is another story for another day.

Gateway Barnet team
Gateway Barnet

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  1. Joyce

    Congrats on the matching skirt. It sounds like you really enjoyed putting it together. you look wonderful in the suit! Well done! I do hope there will be enough material for the shorts, cause I think that is such a fun idea

  2. Gjeometry

    You look fabulous in this outfit! I love the skirt lining and also for the blue skirt, I like how the pockets and seams are more towards the front and not directly on the side..

  3. Kbenco

    A gorgeous suit. I am particularly taken with the amazing lining, it shows to you when you put it on, and surely that is one of the pleasing secrets of making one’s own clothes.
    It is a very powerful suit too – you are definitely the centre of the work photograph in the beautifully rich colour.

  4. Stephanie

    Amazing, as always. Love the pic with you in the sea of lime-coloured ties – priceless! I’m feeling the love again for skirts, myself. This always happens when I start to believe that spring might actually come again. I’m going to check out that Vogue skirt pattern, as I like it a lot – especially the pockets.

  5. annieloveslinen

    This is a triumph Kate and the colour is great on you and it pops on the photo against the lime of the ties, great styling, pure genius.

    I like how you are using your experience to inform your choices, your plan is fluid and very much a work in progress, it’s interesting to see that you are open to change and following your intuition.

    And. I love that little blue/ grey skirt it’s a good example of perfect synchronicity of style, fabric and fit.

    Great stuff.

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