Sewing With A Plan 2015 0.15

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Are you going out for dinner, or cooking up something nice at home? I bought one of the M&S Valentine’s dinners (four course meal for two, plus pink Cava for £20) and shared it with Esme. Two slightly unwell children looked on and snaffled the strawberries with chocolate sauce. Not very romantic but hugely enjoyable.

An alternative would have been to finish my new pink suit and get taken out for dinner.

Last week I reported that I had fallen behind due to making a few errors – the two left fronts, the short back facing, and then I did something equally daft. I offer the photograph first to see if you would have spotted it? Do comment if you know what I did wrong. There are probably loads of errors, but one which was particularly silly is there for all to see.

Tailored jacket, showing interfacing and shoulder pads
Jacket, inside out

But I did not see it. I cut out, painted and stitched my lining. I attached the lining. I tried the jacket on and realised that I had done something daft. Do you know what it is yet? Please do comment below if you can work it out. It is pretty obvious really.

Any way – the lining is lovely. Both Esme and Bianca suggested it was great for a blouse and too nice to be hidden away. Esme said it had obviously been inspired by putting a bottle of claret on a table cloth. I was hoping it would look like roses or peonies. Here is the jacket inside-out, and lined (the first time). The error is not so obvious, now everything is covered up.

Tailored jacket with lining
Lining attached

Anyway I unpicked the lining, put the error right, sewed on some dark brown leather buttons. I wanted to use some more of my vintage buttons but I didn’t really have a matching set of the right size. So I bought some new ones at John Lewis. At over £1 a button those vintage ones weren’t just lovely, they were a bargain.

Completed Jacket
Completed Jacket

I made the skirt this week, which I will write about next week, when I finally stitch the hem. Stay tuned! And enjoy your evening.

12 Responses

  1. Joyce

    Sleeve cap seam allowances pressed open, instead of being left together towards sleeve cap?
    It looks beautiful! The lining is Devine!

  2. sewruth

    Some projects seemed doomed from the start so well done you (and your ripper) for sticking it out and putting things right. I’d have stuffed the whole thing into a bag and walked away – LOL. The lining’s fab

  3. Stephanie

    Wow…..the lining is amazing, K. I’m with Ruth – you have amazing endurance. Love love love the colour. And you’ve made the skirt! Can’t wait to see the whole outfit together.

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