Sewing With A Plan 2015 0.12

I have changed some of my plans. Although I had meant to use my squiggle fabric for a trouser suit, I have changed direction: I now believe this fabric is the one I must use for the coat. Which leaves the pink wool for the 1960s skir suit. I am also loathe to give up my white beetle fabric that I laboured on for so long – if I have time this fabric will be a blouse and I will include it as a wild card and drop the pink shorts. So I have made a few substitutions. Nothing too fundamental, but I have been dithering about the Squiggle cloth because I didn’t think I had it right (revised plan below).

More urgently perhaps I am beginning to feel I need a programme to make sure I deliver this collection on time.

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How it is

So what have I got to do (revised plan)?

  • Garment 1 Fuchsia 1960s jacket (top 1)
  • Garment 2 Fuchsia A line skirt  (bottom 1)
  • Garment 3 – Grey Linen shell top (top 2)
  • Garment 4  – Charcoal Kimono jacket (top 3), maybe stick with short sleeves?
  • Garment 5 – Charcoal trousers (bottom 2)
  • Garment 6  – Turquoise stretch silk Blouse (top 4)
  • Garment 7   – White beetle blouse rather than Casual trousers (wildcard 1)
  • Garment 8 – Colourful shell top (top 5)
  • Garment 9 – Mint wool or more casual turquoise cotton trousers (bottom 3) (instead of pink shorts)
  • Garment 10 –  Jersey (wildcard 2 – purchased item) 
  • Garment 11 – Squiggle Boyfriend coat (wildcard 3)

Today I have four of the 11 garments completed, so only seven garments to make in the remaining 12 weeks, which is challenging but achievable. Let us assume that the tailored items can be delivered in two weeks (or two weekends, to be precise – there is little time for sewing in the week), and each of the other items get just one week each. I will give Garments 1, 4, and 11 two weeks; and 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9 one week. The tailored garments will probably take more than twice as long, and I hope to make colourful painted linings, but that depends on the time. I have three weeks of “float” time in the plan which I can use if I lose the odd weekend or encounter a disaster. Or for a little rest, or another project (I have still not made up the Christmas cushions for Gus).

SWAP Project Plan
SWAP 2015 Project Plan

I don’t think the order is very important and I want to be able to tackle the projects in any order I fancy, probably interspersing the harder with the easier. That means it is time to tackle a hard one – probably Garment 1, followed by the matching skirt.  I had hesitated to cut into the Squiggle cloth, because I knew (deep down) that this fabric is most suitable for a coat. So now, in week 12, I have come down on the side of Squiggle coat.  However I have sketched out a rough time plan to ensure it can be done.  I found some jade wool that goes well with my turquoise blouse, on my last trip to Simply Fabrics. And there is some bright pink too if you fancy some Schiaparelli pants.

I have Garment 6 – the Burda 04/11 105 silk blouse with concealed buttons – almost finished. Still full of tacking stitches and in need of buttons, and a press. I have a bag of shirt buttons somewhere but I can’t find them at the moment. I made a few mistakes – the pocket is on the wrong side, plus I should have caught both sides the shoulder seam allowance into the yoke. And the sleeves are long with their deep cuff, but they turn back nicely. I really like this blouse. Incidentally Kirsty made a nice version of this blouse in chambray.

turquoise silk Burda blouse 105
Burda blouse 105

I am off to Lancashire to see my Mum now, so cutting out that Fuchsia jacket will have to wait until Sunday night.

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  1. chezsews

    Fuchsia and grey are a beautiful colour combination. You have a view of the ‘big picture’ and it is inevitable to make some changes. I am confident that you will create a collection “to die for”.

  2. lynbromley

    Great, glad you decided on the coat. The scale of the pattern is quite large and more suited to a full length garment. I love the fabric and can’t wait to see it! Let me know if you need a helper!! 😉


  3. Joyce

    I just love how you make a plan….. and adjust when needed listening to your inner voice…..fabulous! I find this all so exciting, keep those posts coming, you inspire me daily! (we have returned home and my husband is going back to work for a few months, I will have to chart up a plan and following your example, for my free time to sew.
    Kate, at the moment I have Pj’s in the “to do bin”. they are a green and grey small pattern, in flannel . The one pattern for sleepwear I have displays a sort of Japanese inspired details. I am finding it a challenge to make Flannel pj’s – silk like! ha. Anyhow so far, I am embroidering a butterfly with some metallic thread for the pocket. I have bought some matching shiny polyester “satin” to make piping (same green in the pattern) and to add some wider trim on the legs and the sleeves. I have some slippers with embroidery on them too, kitten style, however they are black. I’ll have to think of some way to tie them in…..and lately I have thinking the pocket butterfly, on grey cotton ,is not a good idea because the metallic thread is rather scratchy….so that makes me want to make a “satin” house coat to put the pocket on! ha..oh how one thing leads to another. Anyhow, that’s my update. Till we chat again, have a great day and good luck with your weekend sewing.

    • fabrickated

      I love the sound of this outfit Joyce – the colours and styling – are you doing machine embroidery? Do you have a special machine? I think a satin gown to go with them would be great. I would love you do a guest blog. Shall I send some questions over? LKx

  4. Stephanie

    Lovely, K. I really like the blouse and the idea of mint pants and a fuschia suit. Whatever adjustments you make to the plan, I’m sure that things will turn out well. Enjoy the time with your mum!

  5. BeaJay

    You are actually off to a really good start to have 4 items finished. Love your plan but don’t worry if it needs to continually evolve. Plans that are set in concrete crack and break. Looking forward to seeing it come together. And don’t stress too much. There is no penalty for non completion.

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