New Sewing Space on the Operating Theatre model (well almost!)

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Here are the before pictures.

And here are the after photographs.

The  Christmas tree (it’s a living tree) is about to have its lights taken away as it is 12th Night. Finally I am ready to start my 2015 sewing challenge!

stand, sewing machine, overlocker and window with Christmas tree
sewing area

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  1. annieloveslinen

    Looks great, I love seeing other folks’ bits and pieces, – as the bishop said to the actress.

    Is that Fashionary I spy in the background perchance? Im super excited with mine.

    • fabrickated

      I had a closer look as I do have a Fashionary, but it is not in the picture! My daughter kindly gave it to me as a present (I thought it was too expensive), and I used it for the drawings you can see at the top.

  2. Anne

    Lovely – my student daughter and I are temporarily operating on the same table (sighs). Over the festive period I discovered my goddaughter is about to start a *degree*, no less, to become something called an ‘operations department practitioner’ – so you may need to consider employing a back office team to keep this up 😉

  3. fabricfan

    I try to put like with like but I never thought of a cutting tray, at least I could put that stuff in one area. Also my interfacing stuff is not easily accessible. Thanks for the new ideas.

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