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It is Christmas Day. We were supposed to be in Lancashire eating Christmas Lunch with my Mum. Unfortunately she fell in the night and dislocated her hip. She is spending Christmas Day in Royal Blackburn Hospital, poor thing.

MB and KJD
Kit and Great Grandmama

She is on the mend and we hope she can come home in a few days. I sincerely hope your Christmas is less eventful than ours and that you are getting some rest and peace.

Here is some festive lining I made earlier.

pink and blue silk hand painted lining
Hand painted silk lining

However if you are stuffed, bored, or sleepy here is a little bit of post lunch fun.

The history of fashion in one short video.

The history of hair and make up.

And finally its “Happy Christmas” from everyone in the Butcher’s shop.

Butcher's shop diorama
Butcher’s shop progress

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  1. Mary

    Small world! I have family who live near there, in Ozzie. My aunt was an emergency admission two weeks ago to Blackburn Royal. Happy Xmas to all

  2. Jenny

    A happy Christmas to you too Kate. Hope your Mum recovers well – she certainly looks like a strong person who will be up and at ’em in no time at all. Just had an early morning FaceTime call from my 2 year old grandaughter after Santa’s visit. It makes my heart sing to see her.

  3. Linde C

    Oh no what a shame , thank goodness it was not broken and so she will be out of there quickly. Hope the rest of the holidays go well for you all.

  4. annieloveslinen

    Oh Kate your poor mum, at least you’re close by. A crises gives us a perfectly good reason throw out the rule book and wing it. Show your mum that you’re all having a laugh pitiching in and not doing it very well, this is the stuff memories are made of, exaggerate the fun if you must for mums sake, it will soon become family lore.

    Warm regards,

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