Sewing with a Plan 2015 0.6

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Progress to date

Sewing with a Plan requires

  • five tops
  • three bottoms
  • three wildcards
  • all of which have to work together

I am getting closer to finalising the plan. I would like to toile garments 5, 6 and 8, but I”m not sure I’ll have time before Christmas. As well as decorating the tree and printing some fabric for Christmas presents I am working on the toile for garment 4.

Garment 1 Squiggle jacket (top 1)

I made up the jacket of Simplicity 7305, as a wearable toile, and I am relatively pleased with it. Apart from adding an additional inch to the bust measurement I am ready to go on this jacket.

Garment 2 Squiggle skirt or trousers (bottom 1)

I am leaning towards matching this jacket with a pair of tailored trousers. I have toiled the pattern but I am not entirely satisfied with it. I need to reduce the rise (for style reasons), redesign the waist band (to a contour waistband), narrow the trouser leg, remove the turn-ups, add belt carriers, and decide on the exact length. I suspect I may need a second toile before proceeding with the trousers.

Garment 3 – Linen Blouse (top 2)

This has become the already made item. I printed the fabric, but decided I wanted to wear it for a Christmas party (Christmas beetles, plus sparkle – it was just calling out to be worn for Christmas). If it is too much with the Squiggle suit I can make a plain grey one instead. I like the shape and it has got me thinking about a top that can also be worn as a dress (as per the SWAP rules suggestion).

Garment 4  – Charcoal jacket (top 3)

I am very excited by this jacket, which I have started toileing.  I will be using a dark grey wool for the final item, which is shown with the selected blouse fabric.

Garment 5 – Charcoal skirt or trousers (bottom 2)

I am unsure about garment 5. Simplicity 100 is essentially a city suit with pencil skirt. But is it? It is also suitable for “the country”, advises the pattern envelope (second home anyone?). So I am considering introducing 1980s pleated trousers, which seems somewhat counter-intuitive, although not that different from the pleated country skirt shown in the drawing. It may not work. The other problem is that I do not know if I can wear a pair of pleated, wider legged trousers, but have decided to try Tamotsu’s Vogue 2959. So I will make this toile to try the trousers with the jacket, but also on my body shape – giving fuller pants a fair chance. Only then will I be able to decide if this jacket is having baggy pants or a pencil skirt. If it is a skirt it will be in wool, but if trousers I may use the grey linen I used for Garment 3 – the beetle blouse.

Garment 6  – Blouse to wear with Charcoal suit (top 4)

I want a simple shirt type blouse to wear with the suit, and this pattern looks OK. I have the white beetle cotton lawn ready. It is necessary toile this blouse first, which I plan to do after Christmas.


Garment 7   – Casual trousers (wildcard 1)

This is the same pattern that I used in last year’s SWAP, to make casual trousers. It is a 1960s pattern and I have altered it to fit. I will use the turquoise cotton for these.

Garment 8 – blouse to wear with casual trousers (top 5)

I haven’t decided on the pattern, but I like the idea of something rather flowing, and ornate. Perhaps a wrap round blouse with a close fit. I quite like the Burda 05/14 134 vintage blouse , but would need to toile it. But the simple shell pattern for garment 3 could work well in a more colourful print.  I haven’t decided on fabric. I bought an old skirt to recycle, or I could paint on silk. This is a vague area at the moment.

Garment 9 – Pink Skirt or Shorts (bottom 3)

I have toiled the shorts pattern; they need  a lot of alterations. I will recut the pattern, making a smaller size, changing the waist band to a create a snugger fit, narrowing the legs, changing the length, omitting the turn ups, and adding belt carriers. Then these shorts will be good to go. Pink shorts. Yeah!

Garment 10 – Purchased top to wear with trousers (wildcard 2 – purchased item)

I have been looking for a jumper in the shops. There are a few nice cardigans out there that I would consider, but I am waiting for the sales. My fall back choice is to embroider a plain RTW sweater or cardigan with colourful wools. Before I embroider anything for myself I would like to practice. Last week I bought a charity shop cardigan for Kit which I hope his Mum might allow me to tamper with.  As the boy is growing so fast I anticipate the cardigan will be outgrown before the SWAP deadline. If not I am sure he will enjoy wearing colourful daisies on his cardi.

Kate and Kitson
Kitson, helping with the blog

Garment 11 The coat (wildcard 3)

This may be the garment I start on, once the sewing stage really starts. I have made up this coat before so know what I am doing. I have fuchsia wool, so it is going to be bright.



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  1. Joyce

    Wow!! This is so awesome. I love how you have laid out this post Kate. The pattern, material and sample. I can really see it all coming together! Such a great plan, its going to be fantastic! Thanks for sharing your approach and thoughts.
    My fingers are crossed , good luck….I’ll be following ….three cheers for the plan Hip Hip hip Hurrah! (cutest baby ever)

    • fabrickated

      Beajay – I have been trying to leave this comment on your blog all morning, but it is not working for me. Can you add it from your end?

      I love that you can put these presentations together. Your IT, sewing, blogging and styling skills are really impressive Bev and it shows that with commitment and patience we can all learn to be more effective. It is quite something to produce an outfit a month – probably we all have more than enough clothes in our wardrobes. And to have a few styles that you love and wear alot eg your Barbs, is a real achievement. Well done to you. Congratulations and hope the knee improves.

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