Samantha Tennakoon is getting married!

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Sam Tennakoon is a member of Notting Hill’s committee, a senior civil servant and a dear friend. I have known her well for a few years now and when I saw her at Notting Hill’s annual strategy day I asked her how she was. She told me she and Mike had just got engaged, and showed me the ring.

Hand made engagement ring
Hand made engagement ring

Isn’t it lovely? It is made from two types of gold – white and rose. It is delicate and beautiful like Sam herself, precious but not flashy and is based on a Celtic double love knot.

Even better than the use of the two varieties of gold, and the special design, is that Mike made it himself. While it is not difficult to find a ring like this on the internet Mike bought the gold wire, and using YouTube for guidance learnt how to fashion it himself.

Celtic love knot ring in white gold and rose gold
Close up of Celtic love knot ring

Isn’t it just great?  To me this is the essence of love – individual, caring, involving the expenditure of dedicated time to produce something so perfectly suited to the recipient. Sam’s long elegant fingers would have looked just fine with a diamond, or a traditional ring. But this is so special and so appropriate. By combining two colours it also conveys a subtle message of mixing cultures as well as male and female. It has delicacy and poignant beauty.

Sam Tennakoon
Sam listens to Lord Wolfson at Notting Hill event

Sam and Mike are getting married in the Summer and I asked what she would be wearing. She hadn’t decided yet but didn’t want to wear a traditional white dress, nor a Sari. She wanted something that possibly combined Indian embroidery with a modern looking dress. The couple are coming to dinner next month so I may have more of an update.

Congratulations Samantha and Mike!


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