This blog is 7 months old – which were the best posts?

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This blog is about seven months old (just a baby really) and I have finally discovered the wonderful world of stats. The amazingly powerful software that is WordPress allows us to discover which of our posts are most popular. What do you think?

My most popular posts deal with men’s style, what to wear and what not to wear. And my all time most popular post was a funny, controversial post about What Men should Not wear to Work, read by over 800 people.

I think I knew this already. Friends still mention this particular post.  I enjoyed writing rules for what men shouldn’t wear to work, and finding some funny pictures.  I enjoyed having a gentle dig. A few became angry, especially a few chaps who felt that it was “sexist” to condemn men for their horrible clothes. And not all the rules were acceptable to all – quite a few people disagreed with the attack on the short-sleeved shirt (including my husband, who would never have worn one for work himself).  But many regular readers (including Maria) claim their husband has now stopped wearing clumpy shoes.

Two women at church

I feel this post worked well because it was funny, but apart from the wry observational remark, I cannot do comedy on a daily basis.

In fact all my posts about Menswear rate highly which tells me I need to write a bit more about men; maybe a Friday feature is called for.

Overall “style advice”, such as I can offer, is the top topic. Many readers do want to discuss how to dress, so I may spend more time on trying to help people with their dressing dilemmas. How not to dress for an interview got, and gets, lots of hits, with one careers advisor telling me she tells her clients to read it!

And even people who do not need, or want style advice themselves, enjoy my critique of  politicians and people in the public eye. I was glad to see Nicola Sturgeon taking my advice and getting a tartan jacket. If she changes her hair too she will have to admit reading “Fit and Flare”.

Nicola Sturgeon in tartan suit
Nicola Sturgeon addresses SNP rally

And I noticed that Lord Smith of Kelvin, who has recently reported on the powers our politicians now see fit to give to Scotland, also likes to wear a tartan tie.

Lord Smith of Kelvin in tartan tie
Lord Smith of Kelvin

I may have another look at politicians and people in the public eye. I don’t find “celebrities” very interesting but business leaders and politicians fascinate me. Any requests?

Recently I thought about dedicating certain days to certain topics, a la Wearable Wednesday on Pretty Grievances. I am thinking of organising my posts so that on specific days I cover specific projects, allowing men who like to read style advice but really don’t want to know much about sewing to just tune in on a Friday, say. Could I possibly arrange my posts like this?

Friday – Menswear

Saturday – SWAP update (until 1 May 2015)

Sunday – other sewing projects

Monday – guest post or personal profile

Tuesday – Style advice

Wednesday – more makes, including printing

Thursday – inspiration

Probably not. I have a busy, and demanding full-time job. I have a wonderful family I like spending time with.  The guest posts take ages (especially getting photos from other people and getting them checked). Most other posts are written at outlandish times, generally very early in the morning. So although a plan does have some appeal I do not want this blog to become hard work. To be honest I write about what interests me –  whatever takes my fancy. I write about what I am doing and sometimes I like to look at clothes people wear and to interpret them. I am also open to suggestions so please let me know what you enjoy reading.


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  1. Linde C

    I am relatively new to blogs and this is the only one I follow. I find them all interesting but my favourite are those that have anything to do with old patterns and new ideas. Anyone who has had anything to do with fashion is a magpie of ideas and I have to confess that I have filched and catalogued a few ideas from this blog.

  2. Stephanie

    I also love your style advice and interpretation posts, especially those about politicians and leaders. I am very interested in your observations about what all people wear, including men, because you have a great eye. You have knowledge to share and you share it in an interesting way. I understand though about not making the blog into work. You have a much more structured and helpful blog than I do, but I admit that I want only very few people to read mine. I just do it to express myself and have fun within a community as I learn to sew, and I feel uncomfortable as I get new readers seeking a continuation of things I can’t deliver. As a result, I have been thinking of just focusing on finished sewing and knitting projects.

    PS Linde has a good general point that people interested in fashion can be magpies…even if I weren’t trying to sew I’d probably still be interested in your posts about your projects and experiments. I suppose my own take would be to continue writing what feels interesting to you. You’re creating a great space here with a good energy.

  3. Joyce

    I enjoy all of your posts. I don’t really have a favorite subject, but I must say, I enjoy them the most when they are connected to you personally. I think your a very interesting person, and it’s inspiring to follow your personal goals, the successes and the ones that are still a challenge that you will learn from. I like the schedule idea, but it would be a disaster if your blog became a chore. I do find the quick change of subject from day to day a bit shocking, but, that also keeps it interesting! Unpredictable can be a good thing :~ ) I am amazed you manage to post daily………. and that’s fun for this reader too!
    And so my advice to you would be………keep doing what your doing, and only do what you want…………… keep it fun, and in the mean time the rest of us will be enjoying the ride, being inspired and learning from you about fashion, style , fit and stitching.

  4. elke

    I’ve watched your blog from the time I first became aware of it through SG SWAP Your winning entry last year was just what I like. So, I’ve read everything with interest, (and amazement/envy) that you manage to post interesting material so often, while still having a full life and an outside job. If it’s best for you to assign a theme to a particular day, fine, but if you’re happier with a sort of “stream of consciousness” or “magpie” approach, that’s great, too. I’ll keep reading regarless, unless you devolve into the commercial type of blog, which seems unlikely.

    • fabrickated

      Thank you Linde, Joyce and Elke for the useful, and very kind, feedback. I will probably keep the magpie approach although a bit more structure does appeal too. I am not against people making money from their blogs, but I dislike the commercial ones too Elke.

  5. Kbenco

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, it is a delightful mix of opinion, advice, interesting people, exhibitions, and your own lovely sewing. I am astounded that you can post so often, with such terrific content. My unsolicited advice is to write about whatever takes your fancy.

  6. sewruth

    Kate, I don’t think there’s a rule that says you have to write every day. I don’t know how you keep going because I find writing a blog is very time consuming and I’d rather be sewing. However, I’m enjoying your SWAP updates and the posts about creative people and classes etc.

  7. mrsmole

    Love your blog and insights into fashion and I too do not know how you can write so often with so many great topics…Lordie, girl, your head must be exploding!

    • fabrickated

      My head is exploding Mrs Mole – but as your husband will testify some people just have to write. Ruth – I love sewing but I really enjoy writing too. In fact the writing is a displacement activity because I really don’t want or need any more clothes. That is why I make slow clothes – tailoring, using painted or printed fabrics and linings. Anyway I am very appreciative of your, Karen and Mrs Mole’s kind remarks and the willingness of you and many people to read and comment on what I say.

  8. Bunny

    I’ve been blogging since 2007. I still enjoy it. Don’t make “work” out of it or it will get old really fast. I suggest writing whenever and on whatever topic you like. I firmly believe when one stays true to their joy it will come across in the blog and “they will come” as Kevin Costner said in the movie. There are now many blogs I used to really enjoy that went the monitization route and lost sight of what they enjoyed writing about. I no longer follow them. You can just sense they are writing to keep the blog and sponsors out there, not from the passion for the subject they once had. Oddly enough, the blogs/sites that were commercial from the start, I usually and still enjoy. They were more honest about their purpose. But writing from the heart, about your passion, is to me what true blogging is all about and I think what most readers enjoy.

    I am really enjoying your blog, introduced to me through Mr.s Mole. Isn’t she a hoot? and so skilled. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  9. fabrickated

    Thank you Bunny. What an achievement – seven years compared to seven months! I had assumed that most blogs burnt out after around two to three years, because people just run out of things to say. Yours remains fresh so I will try to learn more about blogging, as well as sewing, from you. And yes I love Mrs Mole – she is so funny as well as so talented. I get such lovely, kind, generous feedback and support – and that is priceless.

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