The baptism of Kitson John 24 November 2014

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On Sunday our latest grandson was Baptised at our local Church, St John’s Hyde Park. It was a beautiful, moving, funny, sweet, reverent and jolly event.  Here is Mum and Dad, holding Kitson. He is wearing the Christening gown and hat that I had made. I had also ironed it but that was a complete waste of time.

parents at christening
Arriving at church

The actual baptism was held at the back of the church, using a copper bowl and water poured from a silver jug. Revd Phillipa Turner conducted the Baptism, assisted by Revd Margaret Legg (who married our son George and Bianca). As you can see Ted is taking an intense interest in the burning candle. I made the orange bow tie that he is wearing.

Baby being baptised
The baptism of Kitson John

Kit got a candle of his own, to be lit annually on the birthday or anniversary of the Christening. Vicar Revd Stephen Mason, who preached passionately on social inclusion, looks on.

Vicar giving the baptismal candle
The gift of the baptismal candle

I would like to thank all the family and friends who came along to make this a special day. The Godparents Bren, Ade and Kate. Grandma Faye for cooking an amazing dish of curried goat and rice. Grandpa John, after whom the baby was named, and Jo who provided the cake decoration (recycled from Ted’s Christening). Maroush who provided wonderful Lebanese food. And to the congregation and clergy of St John’s Hyde park who really supported and welcomed Kitson into the community with love, kindness and understanding – Thank you.

After the ceremony Esme changed into a something more comfortable and I was thrilled she chose one of my blouses. It is really nice to have an event like this where so many of the clothes and so much of the food is made by hand, by family, with love.

Young woman in 1940s smocked blouse
Esme in smocked blouse

And what does the Grandmother of the baby wear at a Christening? Here I am with Kitson’s Godmother Ade, wearing my Chanel jacket and curvy pencil skirt. They go quite well together I think.


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  1. Kbenco

    What a beautiful, and well dressed, family you have. The christening gown adorns the baby, and the hat! How boyish. I am sure the ironing was worth it. Acquired creases look much nicer than stored ones 😉

  2. Joyce

    Oh yes, Thanks for sharing. Just beautiful!! You look fabulously happy, and lovely in the jacket and skirt! Delightful description too !! Congrats to baby Kit.

  3. mrsmole

    I could feel the love and community spirit and dedication from all the family and wish I could have been there for the food!!!!! Thank you for such lovely photos and you do look amazing in your Chanel jacket and pencil skirt!

  4. Brenda Marks

    What a beautiful family and a lovely event. Yes, it’s wonderful to have handmade food, clothes, and whatever else at a family gathering!

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