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Have you met Mrs Mole? She is a professional seamstress who makes and alters wedding dresses – around 80 already this season! She generously shares lots of useful information and offers hilarious insights about the brides, their mothers and how she tackles their egos as well as their tulle. She has just started a special Saturday feature where hapless amateurs admit to what happened when they made up a particular pattern. I admitted I had an item in my pyjama drawer that fitted the “Sew Bad” criteria. Today the true tale of Vogue 1247 can be told.

Front view Vogue 1247
Front view Vogue 1247

Why did you pick this pattern?

I picked Vogue 1247, a Rachel Comey pattern, because lots of bloggers had made it up, and loved it. SewRuth, Did you make that? and Sew Busy Lizzie to name just three. I bought it for the skirt, which is nice basic A line with interesting apron pockets. I have made up three times. However I don’t like to see a pattern go to waste, and am interested in learning new techniques, so I thought I would make this up. It has French seams throughout. I usually like Kimono sleeves and this pattern has them, with cuffs.

Vogue 1247, sleeves
Vogue 1247, sleeves

What size did you think you were according to their envelope numbers?

I am a size 10 according to the pattern envelope. I measured the pattern pieces and thought this would drown me.

What size did you cut and did you alter before cutting?

I cut out the smallest size, the size 6, flaring out to a 10 at the hips. Even so I shaped the side seams to create the semblance of a waist.

Did you encounter difficulties others would like to avoid?

Its actually quite fun to make, especially joining up six sections to make the front. It is a bit like the union jack! The main issue is the huge amount of ease, and for me, the very unflattering design. The curved hem seems to emphasise the size of my hips and thighs in an unhelpful way too.

Vogue 1247 back view in yellow cotton
Back view V1247

Is there anything in the photos we cannot see that you wanted us to know about?

The photographs do not lie. There are no fastenings so it doesn’t gape and is pulled on over the head like a T shirt.

Is this garment wearable with tweaking or not?

I think it is probably a good pattern if you

  • are bigger at the top than at the bottom
  • suit V necks
  • like your clothes to billow about the body
  • enjoy patchwork but don’t get the time
  • are in the first trimester and don’t want to tell people yet
    Vogue 1247
    Pouchy look

Thumbs up or thumbs down on buying this? Worth the effort?

I don’t think this works as a “set” with the skirt. I have noticed people using the top pattern and hating the skirt and vice versa. The very short skirt is ideal for a youthful figure (or lengthen and wear tights), the top, well? I think it would not be out of place on my dentist, or an intensive care nurse. Woe betide the person who made it up in green.

Do you want to make any suggestions on how to “make it work” or is it beyond that?

Lie on the operating table, breathe deeply and count from 10 to zero.

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  1. Anne

    So have you ever considered a career in dental hygiene? Did you ever blog about those who design/have to wear a work uniform? Still have fond memories of my Saturday girl Boots the Chemist outfit
    A x

  2. amaryllislog

    I too have this pattern and like you, I have made the skirt exactly three times with the addition of 5″ to the hem. I love the skirt and enjoy wearing it. As for the shirt, you have confirmed I won’t be making it, not that it’s horrible, it’s just flat (in my humble opinion). I think the blow for me is the seam that runs across your breast and the fit issues you call out.

  3. Stephanie

    I love this post – very funny! I have seen one version of this top that I really liked, on Sallieoh’s blog I think. I believe she made it in white or cream silk and I can’t remember what she paired it with but probably dark jeans.

    I made something similar in many respects this summer and should offer myself up to Miss Mole! It was a vintage shirt with a nice front pleating detail, but I made it in an icky pink colour and with the sleeve length and button placement it made me look as though I should be working in a cafeteria or heading to the bowling alley. I didn’t finish the shirt very well once I realized it wasn’t working for me, so it is even worse than it could have been. I did learn from making it though, so I consider it a worthwhile project to have completed.

    • fabrickated

      Please submit your shirt! It really helps other people, and it is a bit of fun. Just answer the questions and send off the “wadder” (I have never heard that term in the UK) pictures to to be sure of lots of helpful feedback. I know she struggles to get entries. Perhaps none of us really want criticism, apart from the criticism that goes on in our own heads all the time.

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