Sevilla – my Spanish inspiration

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We have just got back from our holiday in quintessentially Andalusian Seville. It was hot, beautiful, sensuous and inspirational. Here were the things which I loved the best.

  • The ham, Jamón Ibérico – thinly sliced, cured ham from free-range acorn-fed pigs – is the local speciality, eaten by most people even the poorest, often. We liked it best on toast with a thick layer of fresh, raw tomato sauce in between, sitting in an old-style tapas bar
  • The smell of the jasmine in the garden late in the evening and very early in the morning
  • The traditions of the area – bullfighting, Spanish guitar music and flamenco, and the colourful costumes associated with it; the formal clothes the children still wear for best; the colourful fans and Sombrero Sevillano; the beautiful embroidery and lace work
  • Perfect weather, really great food and very friendly people. Highly recommended for a holiday.

For a dressmaker, lots of inspiration, especially the Flamenco, the Bullfight and the Hats. I am not sure how these images and experiences will come out in my work, but I am in love with them all.

Old Photograph of flamenco dancers
Old Photograph of flamenco dancers
Matador "suit of light", Museum of Bullfighting, Seville
Matador “suit of light”, Museum of Bullfighting
Seville Hats
Seville Hats

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  1. Stephanie

    You look beautiful and relaxed, and Kit is, needless to say, adorable – envious of the blog help!

    It sounds like an inspiring holiday and in terms of the dress, I especially love the posture and dress of the dancer in white in the vintage photo. Incidentally, The Sartorialist made a little video about bullfighting costume a couple of years ago, if you have time to take a peak (although the latter half is him trying it out):

  2. fabrickated

    Thank you Tim and Stephanie for the references, and yes isn’t the dancer in white so graceful and beautiful with her expressive square shoulders and haughty side ways look? The outfit is so much nicer than the modern dresses – I could see an interpretation that would work well for an evening dress, perhaps in a gauzy cotton?

  3. Joyce

    Good to hear you have returned, safe, relaxed and full of inspiration!
    I am personally drawn to the image of the dancer, beside the lady in white.

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