Vogue Paris Originals – planning my winter wardrobe

Winter is coming, as they say on Game of Thrones. I am going to need some warmer clothes, and warmer clothes are what I most enjoy sewing. Jackets, skirts, coats – warm but elegant. I always plan my sewing to some extent, and I want three or four work outfits in the following colours:

  • grey
  • navy
  • dark brown
  • dark green
    Grey, navy, dark brown and forest green swatches
    Winter palette for suits

And I prefer to use vintage patterns, probably from the 60s or 70s. Maybe I will focus on using patterns from famous designer patterns, such as the Vogue “Paris Originals” range, or some other nice shapes I have collected.

Here are some options.

So, if you would care to comment, I would be interested in which outfit I should choose, and in what colour?

At the moment I am thinking

  • 1. Green (love the flared skirt and the bow on the jacket)
  • 5. Grey dress – possibly a tweedy look, like on the packet, but probably not that jacket which is excessively 80s
  • 6. Navy, not too dark, with silvery buttons
  • 7. Brown skirt with white shirt and yellow waist coat. Or 6. in brown, and make this with a navy skirt, white blouse and yellow waist coat.

I really like 2. Its But it is not really suitable for work with the cut away bodice on the dress, or the cape jacket. I would like this outfit in red. At the other end of the spectrum is a 9. A 90s suit – that looks like the 1970s, with its princess seamed jacket and A line skirt. Although this has a zip front I like the silhouette and this would work in linen or corduroy.

The two dress and jacket sets 3. and 4. are slightly putting me off with the jacket shapes but I think it is the styling. The technical drawings give a clearer idea of the shaping, which should be fine. Both of these designs would work well with colour blocking. I quite fancy a strong pink and red combination for 3, and maybe dark brown for 4. So why not 8? What is wrong with 8? Nothing really. The shape of the top is very close to my African overblouse. This outfit would be stylish in a smooth charcoal wool, but knee length.

Vogue 1634 drawing/back view
3. Vogue 1634 drawing
Vogue 1484 Drawing
4. Vogue 1484 Drawing

Hmm. I only really need three outfits. So please give me your views!

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  1. Dawn

    Morning! 1, definitely, looks great in the green, but I think the blue would work too (and a light blue for winter might be nice – icy cool). I love 3, perhaps in the grey, and I agree about the jacket for 5, but the shape of the dress looks similar to that in 4, would 4’s jacket go with it. I love all the colours, but wasn’t sure that the plum would work? Fantastic set of patterns!

    • fabrickated

      Thanks Dawn. The first colour swatch is meant to be grey, pure and simple. It came out too blue and too light. The other suggestions are really helpful. I do like the idea of pastels for winter, but my idea here is just to produce wear-everyday suits that won’t get grubby. I think you are right about the interchangeability of the jackets – that is part of the idea of this collection. I won’t normally wear them as a suit. These four colours are good neutrals for me and they work with the rest of my wardrobe so that is the only “fixed” bit of the plan.

  2. Dawn

    Ha! Just noticed, not plum, brown – just goes to show that colours are open to interpretation via the medium of the Internet!

  3. Caroline

    Good morning,
    I love 1,3,4 and 5. The two pieces as you can team them up with other dresses and skirts not too sure about 7 if you are not careful with this one you could be in danger of looking like an air hostess :). Colours are great, not sure about the first colour which I think is your grey, also always nice to add a little brightness to the winter wardrobe and I find mustard to be a great winter colour, also goes really well with green.

    cant wait to see them.


  4. Galina

    My personal favourite is the tweedy number in the last picture. Is that a dress&jacket or a coat? #1 is a silhouette that always works for you, Kate, so would definitely go for it. Love the colours in your winter palette and wish you luck finding fabrics in theses shades. Are you going to look online?

  5. Galina

    Check out this blue boiled wool at Truro fabrics: http://www.trurofabrics.com/wool-fabrics/boiled-wool/boiled-wool-blend-jersey-fabric-blue.html
    I have a sample of it, it’s fine lightweight boiled wool, and the real colour is closer to your pic #2.

    I have quite a few samples of boiled wool from the following shops:

    Two German shops with good prices:

    Shall I bring them with me on Tuesday?

  6. stephinottawa

    So much choice and right up my alley as I am always drooling over vintage Paris Vogue patterns from the 60s and 70s. I usually find that the exact fabric that I find dictates my choice. Incidentally, I used to have a Christian Dior suit that was similar to 4…in dusty pink! My favourite is probably 6 and the blue with silver buttons sounds great and I could also see the Balmain option working in different colour combinations – possibly in browns. I also quite like dress 5, for both the shoulders and the front pleats. I don’t know why but instead of tweed I could see it in the green you have in the palette, maybe in a nice flannel. I might be influenced in this though by a dress I am currently envisioning for myself and one I have in progress from last year! I am sure that whatever you choose will be stunning!

  7. Dustin

    Hi Kate,
    I like your suggestion of navy for number 6, but I can’t help picturing this one looking best with self-covered buttons, unless the buttons are something extra special. Or what about colour-matched leather-covered buttons? Also, lengthening the sleeves may provide more warmth for the winter while giving a slightly more contemporary look.
    I like the jacket from number 4, as long as you find the boxy fit flattering. In green or brown wool it would look great with jeans. As a suit, I picture it more in green. I love the bodice of the dress but the skirt should be more close-fitting without the gathers to look more modern and to balance the loose jacket. Perhaps just using a different pattern for a straight skirt and making as it in the same fabric as the jacket for a skirt-suit could be easier.
    Number 3 could look great in a multi-coloured tweed, perhaps one that incorporates several of your chosen colours. Then a plain could be used for the band inserts and jacket trim.
    Anyhow, these are just my thoughts. In the end what you feel good wearing is the best choice.

    • fabrickated

      Well thank you all for the feedback to date. I am really grateful that you have taken the time to react and consider and give me the benefit of your view. I actually think that Steph is right that the fabric will generally influence the choice and I don’t have any yet! So it would be great to see any samples you have Galina. And I love your exciting ideas Dustin – the multi-coloured tweed with plain trim, and the leather buttons both really appeal to me, although I wouldn’t have been so adventurous. I am trying to create slightly uneventful classic outfits for everyday wear rather than creating a “wow” factor. I hope to get the wow, day to day, by wearing nice things with the suits – tops, shoes, jewellery, my face etc!

      Two things I find with making things is I do usually start with the fabric, then find a pattern. So this is a bit back to front for me. And I am loathe to change any vintage patterns too much in terms of style – except for length – I tend to replicate big 70s collars and sixties gathering. Just two personal preferences, but I understand why others go the other way. It is just a matter of degree.

  8. thornberry

    What a beautiful selection of patterns to choose from! Okay, my thoughts! You HAVE To make 2. Even if not for work. It is a beautiful design. In terms of three patterns for work, my picks would be 1, 4 and 6. You would have some variety in silhouettes with those and they all have interesting details. Colour wise, I like dark green for 1, grey for 4 and navy for 6, but maybe something with interesting texture for each of them and special buttons or trim for each as well. I am quite confident that whatever you decide will be lovely, however!

    • fabrickated

      I think you have hit the nail on the head Lara, and I am tempted to do as you have suggested. I so love 2 but it is the sort of thing to wear to the opera (and opera is not my cup of tea). Of course once I find actual fabrics I may have to amend my thinking. Luckily I can now ask for help on the blog and feel sure I will get some really considered and useful advice.

  9. annieloveslinen

    Hi Kate,

    I’m going to be cheeky here and pitch in. Given my track record of late, feel free to ignore!

    I like the dress on pattern 5 and when I like something, I likes a lot of it. I’d make it in green and another dress in a plaid that incorporates green and possibly brown or pink. Then maybe two suits of number 4 one in brown. I’d also be looking out for fine woollen cardigans to swap for the jackets when more warmth is needed, twin sets for example, would work with the skirts, and the top would go nicely underneath the jacket instead of a blouse. I think you could get a lot of mileage from those two patterns alone.

    I agree with Duncan re silver buttons, self covered would be my choice.

    I like Thornberry’s suggestions too.

    Decisions,decisions, don’t keep us in suspenders.

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