Fabric Printing Swap – inspiration

I have been allocated a client – or  a “buddy” – to print for. She is Amandine – a beautiful French girl with thick red hair. She lives and works in Brighton, and has a blog called Fleur de Carotte.

Young French woman with red hair
My French Printing Buddy

Amandine has warm colouring – in total contrast to my own cool shading. I will relish the opportunity to experiment with yellow based colours and create something beautiful. We love France and go every year. A couple of years ago we did a home exchange and ended up with a marvellous country house  in Dinan, Britanny. Here is a photograph of Esme and Shane, who suddently appeared at the window to give Ted a surprise as he played outside with the cat. I really like how this photograph is framed.

A couple - white female black male look out of a window
Esme and Shane in Brittany, Summer 2012

Then I came across this photograph of Pablo Picasso, also framed in a French window (“La fenêtre” is one of the few things I remember from school). He looks so cool in his French sea-fareing Breton top, his large artistic hands displayed, his penetrating eyes focused on the photographer, and us – his audience.

Pablo Picasso in a Breton top with his hands against a window
Picasso in Breton top, looking through a window

Despite its ubiquity I still love the Breton top, and I have a few. My inspiration for Amandine’s fabric therefore include:

  • the sea
  • living by the sea-side
  • France
  • stripes
  • sunshine and warmth.

Here is a colour swatch I have developed for this project. No idea where this will go, but I am keen to start experimenting!

Colour palette for Amandine
Colour palette for Amandine

2 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    The colour palette you have chosen is perfect! So many interesting things here…the photo framing is excellent. I’ve always admired the Breton top but don’t own a single one. I also want to jump on the printing wagon after seeing all of your beautiful work and taking a look at Marilla’s blog (and Fleur de Carotte’s).

  2. fleurdecarotte

    Waow, I wasn’t expecting such a complimentary post! Your colour palette is an exact summary of the colours that suit me – I am going to keep it for when I buy clothes! I do like a breton top too, by the way I did spend half of my life in Britanny!

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