Curvy Pencil Prototypes

Since producing the Curvy Pencil pattern and toile I have made up two skirts – one with and one without pockets. The skirt fits nicely, the curved side seam is flattering and the faced waist band looks good with a belt. Thanks for the scarf Bianca!

Yes, a skirt that fits!
Yes, a skirt that fits!

I made both skirts from 95% cotton/5% Lycra, and I have another one cut out in turquoise too.

Beige Curvy Pencil prototype
Beige Curvy Pencil prototype

I included an exaggerated back split, to make it a tiny bit edgy.

Deep split at CB
Deep split at CB

I wore it for work on Friday, and wished I had a pocket for my phone. So on Saturday I made pockets for the pink edition.

The pink fabric was the sole surviving remnant,of about 60cms and some jagged bits, from a piece of fabric which had already produced a pair of trousers and a dress. The back piece of the pocket matches the skirt, but I had to use a bit of silk on the fronts. Although I love, and really need, pockets I don’t think this skirt is entirely successful. So much depends on the line of the skirt and the pockets interrupt it. There maybe a way of developing front hip or even back pockets. And, while it is hard to see in the bright sunshine, the front darts are now longer and more slanted.  I intend to try a high waist version. I am also thinking about different lengths – a mini and mid-calf – for other figure types. Any views?

And now with pockets!
And now with pockets!


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  1. Sarah

    Astonished by your quick work! I agree, I think you do need to forgo the convenience of pockets with a pencil skirt. Perhaps wearing it with a shirt with a breast pocket – for phone – is the way to go?

    • fabrickated

      Yes, a pocket in the top half may well be the answer Sarah. This morning, wearing a Uniqlo shirt I am struck by the fact that it gapes too. A phone might make that issue worse. Something to work on another time!

  2. Sarah

    That’s funny – I bought a couple of white shirts from Uniqlo last week which both gape. Though, tbh, any fitted shirt tends to gape on me. Am going to sew on those little plastic snap fasteners.

  3. sew2pro

    Thoughts! I have many!!

    Both skirts look a great fit and the pink is a perfect shade of!

    Your work wardrobe is just wonderful. Maybe it’s ’cause you enjoy your job or because you’re lucky to be working in an organization that doesn’t supress expression and individuality.

    Soon as you have pockets, the hands are drawn to them as if by magnets… They’re such a comfort zone. But I wonder why none of my RTW close fitting skirts have them; maybe they just don’t work. I remember Patrick saying something like that to Tilly in the A Line skirt challenge (series 1)

    From designing my basic skirt block, I’ve come to the conclusion that the bigger your waist/hip difference, the longer the skirt dart. But this also depends on how much lower than your waist your hip is. Mine is as much as 25cm (9 in) so my darts are always 12-15cm. I think darts look better at right angles to the curved waist seam (i.e. diagonal) not parallel to CF.

  4. fabrickated

    Very interesting dart commentary from Sew2Pro. I admit I haven’t given them much thought tending to stick with convention. This is the first time I have done them anything other than parallel to CF.

    However I had always seen the front darts as being to accommodate a “tummy”. My own personal block doesn’t have front darts with the shape coming at the side seam, back darts and CB. I suppose everyone has their curves in different places and I have a relatively flat stomach, with the curves at the sides and back.

  5. Manuela Fridrich

    You look fabulous in your skirts. I strongly believe that a pencil skirt (if done right) is one of the most flattering garments out there. I even managed to convince my stepdaughter – I made on for her using some leftover fabric from my Alice in Wonderland coat, she loves it! The first time she’s ever worn a pencil skirt.
    Looking forward to meet up in a few weeks time, I am currently sewing up a storm 🙂

  6. Brenda Marks

    After a little thought, I am doubtful that pockets will work well with a fitted or even semi-fitted skirt. Let’s say you made a nice welt pocket that worked style-wise. When you put your phone in it, all the lines will be destroyed. At least I think so until you prove me wrong. : )

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