Does a wrap dress suit all body shapes?

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Following the success of my DVF dress I thought I would run one up for my daughter. She had just told us at Christmas she was expecting her second baby so I thought I might try a maternity style wrap dresses.

I used Butterick B5860, view B. I wanted to add the collar from D, but Esme said no. (I will blog about making clothes for others on another occasion!)

A maternity wardrobe
A maternity wardrobe

I got some purple-blue viscose jersey out of the oddments bin at Simply Fabrics and ran one up. Unfortunately due to my sloppiness, and less than perfect eyesight, I managed to make the jersey up back to front. In other words (if you knit) I had the purl on the front rather than the knit. A beginners mistake. Also, she noted that the front wrap was somewhat long. I did follow the pattern and we thought maybe it assumes a bigger bump. Here she is in it, in the 8th month of her pregnancy (3 weeks to go). It’s so voluminous that it has only just fit her. She is a slim girl (normally) and she found the ease excessive. Anyway given the warm weather, and the advent of her maternity leave she is now willing to wear it.


Esme in 5860
Esme in Butterick 5860
Bump in full view
Bump in full view

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  1. jackie

    Jersey is not a straight forward fabric to work with nor is a wrap dress easy.
    a pattern made of Jersey will always come up larger than woven, and then each jersey has a different ‘stretch destination’.
    Also. I do not think I have ever successfully made a wrap dress that hangs straight at the front with out a lot of after tweaking.
    I bet Butterick are just erring on the side of caution.
    It looks pretty good to me:)

  2. Utta Retch

    This has to be an emphatic no. I have a biggish bust with a smallish, high waist, wide hips and a bum as big as all outdoors. The problem both with RTW and patterns, is that this type of dress essentially is only for the ‘flat’ bodyshape – no bust, hips or rear. I also loathe knits/stretch and this is another reason why the wrap dress is a failure for me.

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