Vivienne Westwood – Challenge accepted!

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Vivienne Westwoodalike jacket
Vivienne Westwoodalike jacket

I finished the Westwood type jacket. I have worn it alot already! I lined it with a little bit of left over purple silk. The buttons were chosen by Sharon’s young assistant on Clitheroe market.

Then I made a skirt to go with it, using just 70cms of checked woollen fabric. The pattern – Vogue 6600, used before here – didn’t specify yardage for the skirt alone. But it would be around 1.5yds. Allowing for matching the plaid would have required at least 2m, so I was chancing it here.  I did the front panel across the fabric, and the back along the selvage. An offence, I know, but as the panel stands a little proud I don’t think I will get arrested for wearing it. I think it works better with only one button done up (two buttons was my design addition).

My finished suit (just in time!)
My finished suit (just in time!)

My reflections on Marianne’s Vivienne Westwood Challenge?

  • I love a challenge and a deadline
  • my pattern drafting is better than I thought
  • conversely, my construction skills are worse than I remember, and in need of improvement
  • when copying a designer item think twice about changing anything (i.e. more interfacing and buttons)
  • buy sufficient material to do the job
  • now use the pattern, skills and knowledge to make VW2!

Thanks Marianne for organising the challenge, and I look forward to seeing how you and everyone else got on.


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  1. Dawn

    Kate, it looks absolutely great! As you know I’ve been following your progress and you are powering through those designs! I’m so envious of your skills, so envious in fact that I’ve signed myself up for a course, though beginner level only, so expect cushions not couture!

  2. fabrickated

    In theory I can replicate anything! In reality its fairly daunting and time consuming. It’s a lot easier with an actual garment that you can measure, check the grain, examine the fabric, inspect construction details etc. Some people can just start with a photograph or a drawing but they are more skilled than me!

    With this jacket I did a combination of adapting my own jacket block (a basic pattern drafted and fitted to my body) and copying some of the design features of an existing garment.

    Send me a photograph of what you want to replicate and I may be able to suggest a way forward.

  3. meddie

    Truly fabs and elegant, especially the first photos taken with the light. the colour conbination was so comfortable and blended in well. Liked very much….

  4. sew2pro

    Yes, well done you: it was a daunting undertaking and a jacket isn’t the easiest of garments even when we have a pattern.

    Thanks so much for taking part: you’re obviously not after an easy life.

    I’ve read a description of the pattern drafting process at Vivienne Westwood: there’s a team involved with a person dedicated to the cutting. Various drafts are made up and there’s a living model on which the fabric is draped… Imagine the luxury of having an identical twin to try things on when making something for ourselves.

    I think you’ve done amazingly well.

    • fabrickated

      Many thanks for your encouragement sew2pro. How interesting about VW.

      I have yet to revisit draping. I did a striped, draped coat toile for my City and Guilds in 1987, but nothing since then.

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