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I have this jacket and wonder if I can copy it? My jacket on the runway. Reluctantly decided against the Fez.

Inspired by the very able Ruth of Corecouture I have signed up for the Vivienne Westwood Challenge. I really love Dame Vivienne’s approach to clothes. Designed to flatter the female form, unlike a number of male designers who appear to design clothes for men  (very tall skinny ones). I have a bought a few Dame Viv items over the years, mainly in the Liberty’s sale, or for a very special occasion – for example when Ben and Melanie got married. As the grey, floppy fronted jacket was rather expensive I have tried to wear it as much as possible and it is the kind of item that “makes” an outfit really stand out.


Prince Charles admires the VW jacket
Prince Charles admires the VW jacket


Available for speaking engagements
Available for speaking engagements
Also suitable for weddings
Also suitable for weddings


Apart from the flattering cut which emphasises full hips and busts, Dame Vivienne is known for her use of tartan, asymmetric, draped cutting and a certain rebelliousness. All of this appeals to me.

Now Sew2Pro has issued a challenge – to construct a garment that pays homage to VW. I haven’t yet actually started making anything as I am still getting over the four month sewing-fest that was the SWAP competition. The deadline is fast approaching (7 June) and I am wondering if I can make the time. I can’t make the widget work that declares that I am joining the Challenge. Even worse I tried to reply to a comment last night and managed to delete my post. So I am rewriting it this morning before work. Feeling pretty hopeless.

I was considering making a skirt from a lovely piece of wooly, plaid-like German fabric that I got from Dragonfly fabrics. There is about a meter in my cupboard.


But in the end I decided to try to copy my RTW jacket, perhaps with modifications. While I have more or less drafted the pattern now I didn’t have suitable fabric. While the lovely, drapey blue fabric, pictured below, is what I had in mind, the squares measure 2.5 inches, and I think the scale is a bit large for a top half garment. It might be possible to embroider with silver thread to alter this, but I am worried about the drape. I also have some wonderful fuchsia wool (it’s positively ecclesiastical) but it is really a coating weight fabric and not right for this style.





I may have to go shopping!

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  1. sew2pro

    That’s such a beautiful jacket and looks great on every occasion… Copying it will be ambitious but I have all faith in you! How exciting that you’re taking part.

    • fabrickated

      I have a pattern, but no suitable fabric! I may pop to Brixton at lunch time – don’t want to spend too much of it as it is effectively a “wearable toile”. How is your jacket going sew2pro?

  2. ejvc

    The blue looks really pretty – doesn’t VW often mix checks and plaids – perhaps you can get a different check for the lapel, or do your embroidery on only one part. Some types of embroidery (i.e. hand running stitch) won’t change the drape much. You could experiment on a swatch perhaps.

  3. fabrickated

    I love that fabric and may experiment exactly as you suggest. I have a deadline and haven’t tested the pattern. Just bought some inexpensive plain turquoise wool today to produce a wearable toile. If it works I will use the silvery blue for a second one.

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