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Sewing with a Plan!

Piled up in the bedroom, before we took the pictures
Piled up in the bedroom, before we took the pictures

I have only been sewing again since March 2013, although I used to do a lot when my kids were small. But since then I have relied on the internet for inspiration, advice, tutorials, pattern and fabric purchase, and camaraderie. Early on I found Corecoture and was puzzled by her “SWAP” references. I thought maybe she was exchanging patterns or fabrics with people in other countries. Eventually I worked out the idea was to “sew with a plan”. I discovered that this was more about creating a capsule wardrobe, which had great appeal to me. I like versitilty – a small number of items that work together, creating a tiny element of surprise or creativity for the wearer or viewer. I like packing for holidays – using only carry on luggage. The challenge of a limited palette, or space, or budget, or piece of cloth actually appeals to me.

So I thought, in 2013 – I will do the SWAP challenge next year.

My basic idea was to create a wardrobe for work, for the spring and summer seasons (it’s hardly ever really warm in London). In winter I wear dark brown, grey, navy. For the warmer months I thought about a wardrobe that was basically pink, but balanced by summer navy. Colours that would work with white and light grey neutrals. I wanted to include two skirts suits as this is my main work “uniform”; I find them very flexible. I wanted to include a coat that would go over the suit, and probably a pair of trousers too.

I love tailoring so I really enjoyed making the suits and coat, which I would have made anyway. But the SWAP required tops. Of course we all need tops but I tend to wear RTW t-shirts, jumpers and the occasional shirt. I hadn’t made a top for years – thinking they were either too simple to be worth the effort (T shirts from Primark or Uniglo are cheap and colourful) or time consuming (blouses – with buttonholes, and collars, and cuffs, with their incessant demands to be washed and ironed). But I made three and will do so again. The competition got me into tops and I am glad!

Stop Press: The photographs have now been published.

There are some great entries this year. I look forward to the discussions and any feedback that is given.

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