The Sew Over It Molly T shirt

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Last week I did a review of Lisa Comfort’s Paris weekend pattern e-book. I mentioned that I liked the look of the T-shirt. Since then Karen from Did you make that? has made three versions of the dress.

I couldn’t see myself in the Molly dress, but I wear a fair few T-shirts (although I rarely make them), so I made up the Molly at T-shirt length.

It took about 45 minutes to stick the pattern together.

I used a drapey knit I got at Abakhan some months ago. It was a cheap remnant with pulls and grease stains. By carefully laying the pattern pieces I got the T-shirt cut out.

I used the overlocker to sew all the main seams and it came together fast and easily – a couple of hours probably.  I can’t actually think of anything else to say about this pattern beyond it was nice, and good fun to make. Oh yes the sizing was accurate (I made the smallest size).

I nipped up to George’s flat and asked him to photograph it. Unfortunately he and Gus were watching an important football match so the photograph is of me sitting on George and Bianca’s sofa.

Sew Over It Molly T shirt Fabrickated
Sew Over It Molly T-shirt (photo by George)

Then Esme arrived (back from a two-hour long children’s party) and said “Oh you finished it!” This is a comment on how long it normally takes me to make something. Then she added:

“It looks like something you bought in a shop”.

I didn’t know how to take this. Did that mean it looked professional and slick? Or that it was a kind of Primark/Topshop sort of thing? I didn’t ask for more elaboration. I said that her brothers wouldn’t leave the sitting room for an outdoor shot, and that Nick was buying food at Waitrose. “I’ll take a picture of you outside” she replied.

I asked her if she liked the top. “No. I don’t like grey. It would be OK in navy or something”.

Sew Over It Molly T. With Vivienne Westwood skirt
Sew Over It Molly T. With Vivienne Westwood skirt (photo by Esme – plants by Doug)

It’s not a garment to get wildly excited about but it is, in my view, a nice T-shirt. I like the way the stripes work on the lower sleeves. Err. That’s all we have to say. Except thank you Lisa for the free pattern.

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  1. It is a nice t-shirt. I agree with your daughter it does look like you bought it in a shop, in that it doesn’t have that striking unique custom-made look your other garments have, the ones I sigh with pleasure over, the ones that keep you on my blogroll 🙂 having said that oh my god your skirt is gorgeous! Perfectly you I love it!

  2. That looks like a great basic. The colours go well with your skirt!

  3. The t shirt is fine, I make ones similar to this quite a lot but it wouldn’t induce me to buy the pattern set. As has been said by you and others, they are totally aimed at a younger cohort and there is nothing exciting there. Your skirt is gorgeous.

    Do you live in the same apartment block as Esme? If so I envy you, mostly because you are near the grandsons.

    • Yes! The whole family is in one large house converted into flats. It works great for us and enables my daughter to work nights as we can help with childcare. It’s also good for receiving packages, watering the plants when we go on holiday and for borrowing a lemon.

  4. I like it, and I know I prefer now to make my own basics rather than buy them- love the sleeves!

  5. There’s something that doesn’t quite work for me. Maybe the batwing element should be bigger and the sleeve tighter, or starting lower down. I’d like more contrast for the stripes to work. But it’s very wearable.

    The skirt is just perfect.

  6. You’ve styled quite a plain t shirt beautifully, and it hopefully will work well with a lot of other things in your wardrobe. LOVE the skirt.

  7. That’s the Westwood-inspired draped skirt isn’t it? Nice! Nice enough top, as you say, no wow, but sometimes we need just simple bits and bobs, don’t we?
    I’ve just cut out NINE things to sew, which includes a couple of quick and easy items for sewing when I have no oomph. A little productivity, wearability, but no challenge or excitement is useful for instant gratification. I would never have paired the stripes with checks but it looks great!

    • That is the original Westwood skirt DF! The one I used to copy my version from. I would love to find a fabric as exciting as this, but never have done. Her tartans are all bespoke.

  8. I like the combination of the stripes with the plaid. Unexpected.

  9. Joyce Latham

    I like the whole look on the grey sofa! Excellent

  10. strange yarn

    It looks particularly great on you! Might be the best one I’ve seen so far. The sleeve seam length of the pattern is so off proportionally though- I’d like to see it pulled up about 2 inches (to mid-bust height). Either that, or just done as a short-sleeved dolman at the drafted arm length, with no added sewn sleeve… maybe a contrast cuff would look cute though. Hmm. Still not enough to sell me on this booklet.

  11. Thanks for modelling this for us K! I am really tempted to try this pattern, I like how it comes together with stripes and it looks like a t-shirt I will be wearing a lot for casual wear (I’m also thinking of winter yoga classes, especially in a tunic length), or make a sweet nightie by opening up the neckline a bit. I don’t d pjs so jersey nighties are my thing, but I have to admit I’ve never been satisfied by the RTW offer of prints and stiles, or prices.

    With regards your finished result, I think there is a very sharp contrast between the beautiful skirt, edgy pencil skirt and the relatively plain top. I think it would shine more in a casual ensemble, but it’s definitely true – you have made much more fascinating garments before!

  12. Elizabeth

    I love this shirt and the fabric you chose. But that’s a fairly typical look for me. While I admire the skirt, it’s totally not something I’d ever wear–isn’t taste a subjective beast?

  13. Much better than the T-shirt is the new haircut;it suits you really well.

  14. Great T-shirt, works as a foil your amazing skirt.

  15. I suspect there was nothing challenging for you in making this t-shirt, it does look like something you could have bought, hence the meh attitude? But surely this is a great pattern to have on hand for when you want a great-looking t-shirt in a stunning knit fabric (something with wow factor), something you won’t be able to get at Primark and therefore must MAKE? Personally I love the t-shirt and am envious that you can make something that looks so good.

  16. Looks great. I really like it worn with the plaid skirt. That shows courage and style!

  17. i really love this vintage outfit,awesome colour combination.Keep sharing such informative posts.

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