Printing on Fabric – Part Two – Vogue 1638

My printing on fabric experiments are only an excuse to worship at the shrine of DVF Originals. This is a nice one – perfect for holidays, but maybe for work when its really, really warm.

Vogue 1638 Diane Von Furstenberg
Vogue 1638 Diane Von Furstenberg

I showed you my Red “Blades” dress. The beauty of making a lino print is that you can change the colourway, just like in a factory. The DVF Blades fabric originally came in red, green, black, and I think in brown. But I really wanted green.

American Hustler
American Hustler

I printed a few metres of soft white Indian cotton lawn. I used green fabric paint with blue in a ration of 2:1 to produce a slightly bluer green. I used this to make up DVF’s Vogue 1638 with the printed cotton lawn. I lengthened the pattern a little in the bodice and shortened it considerably in the length. The main change I made was to omit the narrow tied straps and to add slightly wider fixed straps, making it a little less beach-like. And because I wanted to be sure to cover the bra straps. It has a self tie belt but looks quite nice with a leather one, or loose and unbelted as in View B. Because the lawn is fairly transparent, it is lined with the same plain white, unprinted, lawn. This is such a comfortable dress, especially when you need a little air to circulate.  And I am learning that old DVF likes zips. This dress has  a zip – if you make the tie-shoulder version I doubt you would need one.

2014-07-31 08.14.07

I have my cardigan on today as the weather can always change.

2014-07-31 08.13.44

I had quite a lot left over. So I made some PJ bottoms for me, and a pair of trousers for the baby too.

Kit is his DVF trousers
Kit is his DVF trousers

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  1. Love your style! The printing is great and the dress and fit are impressive. You look great.

  2. Hi Kate, I am your priting buddy 😉 I am very impressed by your hand printing! It must be so satisfying to wear an outfit that you have printed and sewn!

  3. Very nice!

  4. Brenda Marks


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