Hand printed fabric – with shiny beetles!

I have already blogged about the top I made in this fabric. This post explains how I printed the cloth. But first a word about beetles. My Mother and Jenny had an “uggh” reaction to the beetles, which is understandable … Continued

Getting ready for the Christening

The invitations have been sent out, and we are expecting around 50 people to come along. 80 wraps (lamb, chicken and falafel), baklava and fresh fruit are coming from Maroush, and Kit’s Grandma Faye has promised a big pot of curried goat, … Continued

My “Inspired by Preen” shell top is finally finished

My Vintage Inspiration  recently posted about unfinished things – disembodied knitted sleeves for example. I too have unfinished projects. One item that has been getting on my nerves was conceived back in May, when I first started this blog; my … Continued