The Six Napoleon dress is finished

This project was set as a challenge by Marianna, as she was selecting a wedding dress design for herself (after 25 years together!), and challenge it was. Certainly for me. But the thing about doing something challenging is that you … Continued

Six Napoleon dress – making up the dress

This Six Napoleon dress was supposed to be completed and photographed yesterday. But it wasn’t. I am only a few hours away from finishing so I will give you an update on my progress. Pattern This was a difficult pattern … Continued

SWAP 2016 0.23 Biki of Milan skirt in Iris chiffon silk

Introduction This is a post about a 1960 designer skirt; it updates my 2016 Sewing with a Plan. But, for those into tips and techniques it tells you how to make a garment with a) insufficient fabric b) the wrong … Continued