Guest post – Becci Marris

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Becci Marris
Becci Marris
I like to talk to people about clothes, what they wear, their work and interests. I have a series of guest blog with people I meet or know (search “guest blog” if you like this feature).
Last week I spoke to a young woman I know through my work. Becci works for a well known consultancy in London and I often see her at some of the excellent events she puts on. I also knew that she had done a degree in textiles, and had a keen interest in fashion. In the photo above she is wearing a dress with an interesting collar detail that really caught my eye (and hers!). She designed a logo for a campaign we launched together (to get more homes built in London). She knew about my interests, especially my textile experiments, and I recommended the Mary Ward Centre for opportunities to print fabric. She signed up and loved the course.  Last time I saw her she told me she was moving to a four day week so she could set up a business designing stationery. I asked to her answer a few questions.
“I have been creative ever since I can remember. My parents are both very creative – my father is an architect and Mum is a stylist. They have influenced me alot.  When I was small many of my  friends used to have the huge plastic Barbie houses but I would make mine from my Dad’s architectural samples and any scraps of fabrics I could find in my mum’s sewing drawer! I also used to spend hours in the fancy dress box. I went to art classes throughout my childhood and studied art at both GCSE and A level. Here is a picture of me drawing Vivienne Westwood outfits for my A Levels.”
Becci Marris Guest blog
Sketching Becci

I love what Becci is wearing in this photograph – the slim fitting dress, the pink jacket with shoulder pads, and the coiffed hair style.

“Following school I studied Textile Design at Leeds university where I had a two-months stint in Paris weaving fabrics followed by nine-month footwear design placement. Here I am at the weaving factory In Paris.” What a marvellous opportunity for a young person – to be able to study abroad and get placements where you are in factories or design studios!

Becci Marris weaving
Weaving Becci

“I would wear some very interesting outfits from Clignancourt Vintage Market – tiny 70’s ski jackets worn with skirts, leg warmers and a cap! Ha ha! It was competition to out-do each other at the weaving studio.  My friends and I used to wear the weave studio garments to advertise the range – Chanel ‘esque’ cropped jackets which are still  very wearable. After university I worked for a fashion company for a month doing their evening wear embroideries and soon discovered that the fashion world wasn’t for me. It was then that I retrained in Graphic Design which I loved.

“I worked as a junior designer after my Graphic Design training and then after relocating to London have worked for, and still do work for, an incredible boss in the corporate world (hence the length of time!) but have now reduced my hours and decided to set up my own business one day a week doing bespoke stationery design. Wedding stationery has evolved into my speciality having done lots of designs for friends over the last few years. I think there is a huge (but also a very competitive) market for wedding stationery as brides love unique touches throughout their whole day. I’m also designing note cards, address cards, Christmas cards in addition to my wedding range. “ I really like the fruity backgrounds Becci!

Becci Marris note cards
Some notecards designed by Becci

“People love personalised items – they can’t get enough of them – myself included! Fun, bright thank you cards are very popular too and always in demand. 

Four days a week Becci works the same sector as me – social, affordable housing and property development. But she works at the “posh” end of it, and she dresses accordingly.

“I wear such different outfits now at work. Pencil dresses and heels are my uniform mainly and it’s easy to know what I’m putting on everyday. It also makes my ‘weekend’ and ‘going out’ clothes more fun to wear.

On my  “own business” day I dress differently. I put on a denim dress and Nike trainers because they are comfy and so different to what I wear Monday to Thursday. And then I feel like I’m in design mode!”

 I was very taken with the contrast in Becci’s two outfits, expressing the different sides to her life and personality. She looks like a different person, doesn’t she? I find the way I dress for work and home is not that different. How about you?

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  1. I wish Becci well in her enterprise – she is certainly talented enough to succeed. Her outfits are incredibly different! Clearly we are influenced by what we wear to do well in different situations.
    My work is from home (dressmaker) and though I have to be comfortable, and also able to crawl the floor, I always wear smarter more creative clothes when I’m dealing with clients.

  2. Joyce Latham

    What an accomplished young women! I love her business look, so smart. As a graphic designer , free and creative. She is definitely communicating a strong statement that she knows what she is doing. Good on her! I enjoy your guest blogs Kate.
    Have a great day,

  3. I enjoyed this guest post. Becci’s outfits are certainly very different.
    I have little or no differentiation across the different parts of my life now that I don’t work. I’d like a bit more.

  4. I’m inspired! I work in a job Iike but long for more time to pursue my creative pursuits. Don’t know if I could actually make it part of making a living… but would love to be able to devote a whole day per week to it. As it is I have small children and I’m lucky if I have the energy to squeeze in a couple of hours after they go to bed.

  5. Becci sounds like a very interesting woman. I especially love the look of the pink jacket over the dress and of course the weaving picture is wonderful. I like the graphic designer outfit a lot, as she looks at ease in that outfit.

    Like Becci, there is a pretty big gap between my work and what I would wear for creative endeavours. For creative endeavours I would almost always put on a pair of black or grey skinny jeans, with a plaid shirt and a me-made knit.

    Best wishes to Becci in her adventures!

  6. Lovely post, Becci looks comfortable in both outfits.

    I differentiate between workwear and weekend wear. This mindset originates from a working class background, work clothes were older garments and not too good as they could get damaged. Going out in something you’d worn at work was a sign of poverty. Today there isn’t such a clear demarcation line but even though my dress code is smart casual it feel wrong wearing work clothes outside of work. Old conditioning I guess.

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